Waiting child highlight: Can a Blind Kid Really do That?

January 24, 2014 congenital blindness, Family Stories, vision issues, vision loss 2 Comments

Before I started working for Bethel China, I had never had any interaction with children or adults who are blind or visually impaired (VI). Spending time with these kids has been a huge learning curve for me in changing my perceptions about what a child with a visual impairment can do.

As a sighted person, we think that if we put a blindfold on, then there is no way that we could do anything that we do now with any grace or success. To be honest, that is probably very true. We are so used to seeing things with our eyes that we don’t try not to. We think that vision is only for people who can see.

I have learned that kids with visual impairments can do amazing things, as well as boring, regular things with ease. I’m going to use a bunch of photos of children who are paper-ready for adoption, doing perfectly normal things!

Eric loves swimming


Peter has played music in front of over 500 people

image (1)

Jerry often walks to the nearby market to buy groceries (watch Jerry’s video here)

image (2)

Alan loves riding bikes and he is really good at it

image (3)

Henry loves adventure play areas, he can figure out the rope bridges, slides and ladders very quickly

image (4)

The idea of adopting a child with a visual impairment can be a daunting thing. If, like me, you have never had any experience with children with visual impairment, then I would encourage and challenge you to spend time with some.

All of these boys are paper-ready for adoption. Email us for more information.

These kids will help you to see the world in a way that you never knew was possible. Every time I am with them, they continue to amaze me by proving that they can do things that I didn’t think they could. They grind away at the prejudice and unbelief in my heart and I’m so thankful that they keep proving me wrong.

Chloe Banks is the Development Manager for Bethel China, an organization which works in orphan care and prevention in China by providing foster care and education for VI children from orphanages across the country. Bethel’s vision is to see ‘children with visual impairments living life to the fullest.’

2 responses to “Waiting child highlight: Can a Blind Kid Really do That?”

  1. If you have questions about raising a blind child, please find your local Parents of Blind Children group or contact the National Federation of the Blind. They have been a terrific resource for us as we learn about raising a blind teenager. Yes, we adopted a blind 13 year old! It has been pure joy! (Okay, there have been a few challenges, but nothing compared to the fun and excitement she brings to our family.)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I used to think just like that too! As a sighted person I couldn’t imagine life as a blind person. But one day I learned of a family who was adopting a little blind girl and my world changed. Being a children’s fiction writer and orphan advocate I just had to speak out for these precious waiting treasures who are so much more than their “blind” label. Next thing I was emailing with various blind people and wandering around my house with my eyes closed in order to capture what my new blind character would be like.
    People say that those who are blind live in a world of darkness, but now I know that isn’t true.
    It’s full of beauty, excitement, and life, just like these precious children. Thank you for being a voice for them!

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