The Bamboo Project: 7 children who wait

February 6, 2014 Down syndrome, Family Found 1 Comments

**an update from Desiree from The Adoption Seed on the Bamboo Project kiddos who are still waiting for their forever families**

Sometimes at night, just as my little boy is falling asleep in my arms, I whisper into his ear “You are loved. You are wanted. You are handsome. You are precious. You have a future. I’m so glad you are my son.” I repeat them over and over and over as the unsung lullaby for the night. But they are more than words: They are Truth. They are living promises knit by the Creator into the very fabric of my boy. Promises that the Great Deceiver has convinced the world are not true because of a simple extra chromosome. I am desperate to understand why this is.

Why do 92% of American couples who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome chose to end their pregnancies? Why has Trisomy 21 only recently considered an ‘adoptable condition’ by my son’s birth country? Why are there hundreds of little ones with designer genes in Eastern Europe sitting alone in government care? How did the horrible lie get started that these gorgeous children are less-than? Seriously…what the heck?? Have you seen this t-shirt? Its kinda perfect:


There are seven precious & perfect sweet hearts remaining with the Bamboo Project: one beautiful little girl and six handsome little men. Seven amazing children of God who are ready to be rocked to sleep and have proudly declared over them “You are amazing!” Because you have an extra chromosome! Because our Father created you perfectly! Because you have a wonderful future before you! Because you are MINE!



Please continue to pray over these seven beauties: For their health & safety. For tender care to be given by their nannies & foster parents. For their forever families to be moved in faith to step forward to bring their child HOME. For the lie that they are less-than to be broken and the promises of their Heavenly Father to already be deeply rooted in their hearts.

The allotted time to find homes for these children has passed, but favor has been extended…for an unknown amount of time. As you are praying for these wonderful kids, please share the fliers above and contact for more information. As always, if you feel lead to give financially to bring these little loves HOME, you can do so through

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  1. Donna Huff says:

    Looking for a 13 year boy. His birthday is Jan 30th 2002. He was suppose to be added the Bamboo Project.

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