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I went to visit Pan Zhi Hua Children Welfare Institute, one of the orphanages that BAAS started one to one orphanage partnership with in late October of 2013 and had a wonderful time meeting the staff members and the children. Children from Pan Zhi Hua CWI are mostly older children (3 to 12) who have spent their infancy and toddlerhood in the orphanage since this orphanage has never done international adoption before. They are so lovely and friendly it was hard to say goodbye to them. The staff members are wonderful and loving and the facility is new. I was very impressed by how happy the children are. I hope very much to find forever families for all of them. The orphanage staff members are actively preparing children’s dossiers and are committed to working with us to find loving homes for the children. I would like to introduce the children and post the links to the youtube videos so you can get to know these wonderful children better.

~Guest post by Xiaoqing from BAAS

Introducing Ty Update: my family has found me!

Ty 6

Ty, male, was born in May of 2005. He was admitted into the CWI on June 13th, 2005. His special need is post-operative cleft lip and palate. Ty was found with a note from his birth parents which stated his name, date of birth and his birth parents wish that he would be “embraced by kind-hearted people.” The CWI kept the name his birth parents gave to him.

Ty had surgery to repair the cleft lip and palate in October of 2006 and April of 2008. He recovered well from the surgery and received daily speech therapy. Ty can speak clearly and can communicate with others without problem. Ty is a good-natured child who is very easy going. He likes to study and likes to reflect and read books. He especially likes numbers and dancing. Whenever other children need help, he always offers his help. Whenever he hears music, he starts to dance spontaneously. He has started elementary school. At school he is attentive and active answering questions. He follows the rules and gets compliment from his teachers. He follows a routine schedule and completes his homework on his own. Because he is hard-working and likes to ask questions, he has a quick mind and likes to reflect. His grades are very good at school. He actively participates the activities at school and gets along very well with teacher and other children. He is very much liked by everyone. Ty is introverted, quiet, shy, mild-natured, thoughtful and strong willed. He loves to play games with other children and likes to read, dance, and ride bicycles. He is helpful to others and is well-liked.


When I met Ty at the CWI in late October, he appeared to be a very friendly, good-natured and thoughtful boy. He spoke clearly and intelligently. His dance was lovely. He lives a happy life at the CWI, but he longs for a family of his own and wants very much to beadopted. You can view his video here.

I just received new video of Ty from the CWI right before the Chinese New Year holiday.

As you can see from this video, Ty is very much looking forward to having his own Ma Ma and Ba Ba.

Interested families can contact me.

Introducing Daniel Update: my family has found me!


Daniel, male, was born in February of 2006. Daniel’s birth mother was tested HIV antibody positive. Right after she gave birth to Daniel, she disappeared from the hospital and left Daniel at the ward. Because the birth mother was tested positive in HIV antibody test, Daniel’s HIV antibody was suspected to be positive at the age of one month. The doctors suggested doing another HIV test one year later. Daniel also had a hemangioma on his arm. Daniel was admitted into the CWI in April of 2006. He has received loving care from the staff members at the CWI. The HIV test done after he turned one was negative. In May of 2009 the hemangioma on his arm was broken and needed surgery. The surgery was successful. Now there is a scar on his arm.


Daniel is active, energetic and affectionate. He likes playing with other children and is good at expressing himself. He can speak fluently and likes dancing. He is helpful with younger children at the CWI and knows how to share. I met Daniel in October of 2013 at the CWI. He was a bit shy when I asked him questions on what he liked to do. He did share with me that he liked to watch TV, especially watch the news report on TV. He has a gentle personality and has a beautiful smile. Daniel is looking forward to having a loving home of his own.


You can view Daniel’s videos via youtube and the links are here and here.

Introducing Hayes

Hayes 2

Hayes, male, was born July of 2004. He was admitted into the CWI on October 28th, 2004. His special need is post-operative left hernia sac ligation (the operation was done in March of 2012). Hayes has always been a very bright and affectionate child. He is quick to respond and has strong ability to copy and knows how to communicate with others. He is active by nature and is adventuresome. He has strong sense of curiosity and doesn’t like to be restrained. He is energetic and likes to play with other children. He is also mischievous and gets into trouble easily. He has good sense of his own behaviors and is very accepting of suggestions from others. He is a very likable boy.


When I met Hayes at the CWI in late October, Hayes appears to be a very handsome, calm and intelligent boy. He has beautiful smiles. He recited two Tang Dynasty poems for me with clarity and confidence. He lives a happy life at the CWI, but he longs for a family of his own and wants very much to be adopted. You can view his videos here and here.

Introducing Johnny


Johnny was born in January of 2005 and was admitted to the CWI in January of 2005. On admission he was 2.6kg in weight, 50cm in height, 27cm in sitting height, 32cm in head size and 30cm in chest size, had poor growth development, hydrocephalus, syndactylia of feet and both hand. On Sep.9 2010, at the age of 5years, Johnny received the first surgery for syndactylia of thumbs and index fingers, with successfully surgery; After the recovering period for one year, in October of 2011, he was performed the surgery in the central hospital of the City for the second time; In September of 2012 he was performed the surgery in the central hospital of the City for the third time. Although he has had three surgeries, he is very brave In the activity of Children’s Day, he takes part in the Melodrama and the dance performance Good Day; vivid expression and stretching movement attracted the audience’s attention, and he won warm applause; maybe he is not the best one, he must be the one who is best carefully and devoted. When we ask his hopes, he lowers his head and says in a lower voice “I want to have a family, and have father and mother who love me.” On Mar.20 2013 we connected the central hospital of the City and he was performed the fourth surgery of syndactylia, the exclusion of the second, third, fourth and fifth fingers of left hand, with successfully surgery; after the surgery, he has recover his hands functions. The institute connected the third primary school of Panzhihua City. In September, he started elementary school.

Johnny 1

Johnny gets along well with children and would care for the younger children. He knows to share good food with others and is a good friend to other children. The caregivers think that he is a sensible child. When the caregivers are busy, he would help them to do something within his ability; he is extroverted, active, polite, careful, focused and indomitable and is not afraid of difficulty; he gets along well with children; he likes to draw and ride the bike.

Johnny has happy life in the institute, and the caretakers love him very much; he experienced the warm of affection between family members and careful love, and has a happy childhood. He is satisfied with his present life. Although he likes his life now, but he is looking forward to having his own dad and mom, to having his own family.

You can view Johnny’s videos here and here.

I met Johnny at the CWI in October of 2013. He looked peaceful and friendly. He answered my questions clearly and calmly. He told me that he liked school and liked to run and play basketball. He sang a song for me and appeared to be very comfortable with himself. Johnny is a lovely boy who is longing for a family of his own. Interested families can contact me for more information.

Contact the Advocacy Team for more information on beginning the adoption process.

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