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February 28, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Update: My family has found me!

Precious True is 10 years old and is listed as having a spinal deformity. Due to this special need, she is not very tall. She complies with the rules and respect her teachers and nannies. She has good self-care ability, can clean her room and wash her clothes. Usually she likes to play with younger children. She would take care of young sisters, like a big sister. Because of her short stature, she is comfortable to play with young children. She doesn’t talk in front of strangers and is very quiet. But when she plays with children, she laughs happily, and is a warm and outgoing girl. She can express her feelings freely; she is gentle, likes outdoor activities, likes rope skipping, the game of throwing small earthbags, and jumping over the lattice drawn on the floor. Even though she is playful, she has never not finished her homework because of playing. In school, she can listen to the class carefully, finishes her homework on time.


True is a smart and shy little girl. She is calm but is active with familiar friends. An agency team member reports that True was able to complete her assessment very quickly. Though her motor skills are inhibited by her special need, she is able to walk and run. Her self-help skills include bathing, dressing, undressing, toileting, and feeding.


Please watch her sweet videos, here. What a hard worker!! Please consider this girl who has waited a very long time for her family.


True is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency. She was born June of 2003. For more information on how to begin the adoption process, please contact the Advocacy Team.

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  1. Brooke Wilson says:

    I think…. She is going to be our girl!!

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