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Saige is almost 12 years old and is listed as having Down Syndrome. From her file: At present, she has lived here for 3 years and now she is 9 years old. She studies cognition, language, math, social intercourse, emotion, fine arts, music, arts and crafts and physical education. She has Down syndrome and although she is 9 years old, she has poor developments than normal children in her age in terms of language, intellect and social intercourse. She cannot speak clearly, yet she is willing to communicate with others. Typically, she could call the names of her familiar persons, understand words and follow 2-3 steps of instructions such as use a cloth to clean a table. She could express her needs via 3-5 words such as a teacher gives me soup. She could refuse the things she dislikes orally such as I do not want more rice and I am full.


She could tell several colors such as red, yellow, white and black; tell and use over 10 daily used goods, tell circle and triangle shapes, know several animals such as fish, chicken, duck, dog, pig and cow. She could tell several vegetables and fruits such as apple, banana, pear, cabbage, carrot and pumpkin as well as vehicles of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. She could count numbers from 1 to 10, take a couple of objects, figure out the size of objects.


She can walk, run, jump and crawl as per instructions. She loves doing gyms and dances the most. She could thread a needle, hold a pen to draw, write down numbers and simple words. In terms of self-cared ability, she could eat on her own, go to washroom, clean and wash, wash and fold clothes, clean rooms and wash and put away tableware.

She positively participates in the games with other children and she is polite, greets acquaintances when seeing them. She could help fellow friends do something. She enjoys showing herself off and she acts as an older sister.

She is outgoing, gentle and kindhearted. In daily life, she tends to help the children putting on shoes, taking on and off clothes and washing face. Other children love such older sister. She has sweet teeth, likes wearing colorful skirts and playing dolls. She has been healthy since admission and seldom gets sick other than having chap on lips in winter time.

There is a large grant for her adoption. She is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency.

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