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Look at this handsome boy! Gabriel is an obedient, soft-spoken ten year old boy. He loves to play with other children, but due to his complex heart condition, he has a hard time keeping up. So often he just watches the others play games while he plays with blocks and puzzles. Gabriel has normal motor development and attends the city’s special education school.

Gabriel 1 - WACAP

Quite frankly, Gabriel is running out of time. His heart condition is serious: TGA, VSD and patent duct arteriosis have all been noted on his file. Gabriel is to turn 10 this year and desperately needs his family to find him soon so that he can receive the love and medical care that he needs. These diagnoses are often scary to consider…there are a lot of unknowns. But one thing is certain, Gabriel deserves to know the love of a family.

Gabriel 4

Gabriel is currently on the shared list. However, to help his family bring him home quickly, Gabriel has up to $9300 in financial aid available to qualified families who use WACAP as their agency. The WACAP team has met this sweet boy and has a lot of information as well as a video available for his family to view. Please contact Elizabeth for more information, or contact the Advocacy Team for information about starting the adoption process.

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Plenty of resources and encouragement from families of other heart children are available. The following sites are great places to learn more about CHD:
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Congenital Heart Information Network Resources
China Heart Children Yahoo Group

To learn more about parenting a child with severe CHD, you can check out this family’s blog as well as this family’s blog.

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  1. Sheri M says:

    Oh, he is lovely!! Praying his family finds him soon!!

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