Find My Family: Gabriel on the Shared List

June 16, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My Family Has Found Me!


Sweet Gabriel is 12 years old and has cleft lip and palate. He is a very outgoing, active, gentle, loving and sweet boy. Sometimes, he still needs to be waken up in the morning. And sometimes, he needs to be reminded for his homework. His Chinese handwriting is super good. He likes to play with other children. He can help to clean the room. In fact, he always cleans the classroom and living room very well. He likes to help to do things. He can change his clothes, take shower and wash clothes by self. He eats slow than other kids. He never fights with any child. His former foster family and all the neighbors adored him. He has recently moved to a different foster home.


He really wants to have a family who he can stay with forever, his life has been so very full of transitions and moves. He doesnt really have speech issues, but his cleft palate causes his speaking to have more of a “twang.” He hardly ever gets sick. He loves to study. All of his teachers like him. He likes to do handcraft. He can copy what TV teaches and make some game designs.


Gabriel is on the shared list and can therefore be adopted by a family working with any agency. For more information, see this post.

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