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July 2, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Yeager is an adorable little boy who was diagnosed with scoliosis, normal development otherwise. He is a fun loving, very cute looking little boy whose diagnosis of scoliosis has not slowed him down one bit. He is outgoing and active and loves attention. We did not realize that he had this diagnosis until the caregivers lifted the back of his shirt to show us. This child has a delightful personality, and he loves playing With the other children in his group. His caregivers say that he is “so cute and outgoing.” He can walk and run well. He has very good receptive language and is not a big talker, but he is able to talk. He has great expression. He is wearing split pants, so he is toilet trained. He was born August of 2010.


Yeager loves to draw and paint, and has very good focus and concentration. He has an infectious laugh and wide grin. He makes excellent eye contact. Yeager appears clean, well nourished, and happy. He has been in good health, with no significant medical history, surgery or hospitalizations. This adorable, playful little boy needs parents who will help him to get the scoliosis treated soon. The orphanage has been trying to find an organization that would provide surgery but they have not been successful. They really love this child and are hoping that a special family will too.


He is currently designated to ATWA through a new orphanage partnership. Contact them for more information or to review his file.

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