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August 22, 2014 Family Found 6 Comments

Update: Our Family Has Found Us!

It is very rare to see siblings available for adoption from China. This is a unique opportunity to bring home this set of beautiful sisters. They were born in March of 2004 and March of 2006 and they both state that they would like to be adopted and have a happy family. They must be adopted together. They both are HIV positive and on medication and they are listed with CHSFS in Minnesota.

“L” is the older sister described as being quiet but likes to interact with peers. She is enrolled in school and can complete her homework assignments, gets along well with classmates, writes and reads simple paragraphs, recites poems, completes math problems and draw creative pictures. She likes to express herself although her speech can be slow and unclear.

“N” is described as polite and always having a smile ready. She likes to sing, dance and skate. “N” attends the same class as her older sister and has good study habits, gets along well with peers and can clearly express herself. Both girls receive medication for HIV.


Please contact CHSFS for more information on adopting these sisters. Eligible families may qualify for a grant through LSS/CH and Brittany’s Hope Foundation.

UPDATE: There is now a $3000 agency grant for these sisters.


6 responses to “find our family: Sisters”

  1. Danielle says:

    Can a single man adopt? He is from Minnesota
    Home study complete but for domestic

    • nohandsbutours says:

      Unfortunately, singe men cannot adopt from China at this time. Single women can be approved with a waiver, but not men.

  2. What sweethearts! HIV children really suffer in most places of our world. Social stigma is perhaps the biggest obstacle. Even in industrialized nations, HIV children are from time to time treated like lepers. My heart goes out to these young girls.

  3. Michelle Mayer says:

    Can you tell me if these sisters are still waiting? Do they have other health issues besides HIV? Are you only taking inquiries from families with completed home studies? Not sure if I’d qualify, but would like more info. I am married, 47 years old, six bio children, ages 21, 19, 17, 14, 12, 3. Would be starting at square one as far as paperwork. Am in Indiana.

  4. Rose Merri says:

    How expensive is the typical adoption and what kind of timeframe would we be talking about for actual placement? Since I don’t have a homestudy and have no paperwork started?

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