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Update: My Family has Found Me!

Emma was born November of 2005 and is listed as having Cerebral Palsy and a history of Hepatitis B. She is turning nine years old this year and continues to wait for a family of her own. She was born November of 2005. Emma’s file is a single page with very little information and some very sad pictures. This is likely part of the reason why she has waited so long, there is little information for potential families to evaluate. An interested family can easily request an update as well as request information from a charity organization which works with this orphanage (see link below).

Pciture one

Although she has mild CP and Hep B she is a healthy little girl. Her CP has affected her left leg just slightly, but she runs, climbs stairs, walks and cares for herself independently (including using the restroom). She attends the orphanage school and is at the top of her class–this little cookie is SMART! We have watched Emma grow up for many years now and she has a shy, sweet personality–she is truly an adorable little girl. When the nanny went to take her updated picture she started crying and said, “No family is ever going to want me.” I refuse for that to be truth for this little girl!


Emma is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency. Please contact Vickie with Zhanjiang Kids Organization for more information on adopting this sweet girl.

~Guest Post by Vickie

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