it was a good year: a look back at 2014

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2014 was quite a year for No Hands But Ours.

The Mentoring Mom program launched in June to an amazing response from over 100 mamas.

The No Hands But Ours site was masterfully overhauled by Northstar Marketing over the course of a year, and the beautiful, super-functional site went live in September. Each of the Special Needs pages was carefully reconstructed by our Mentoring Mom team; and new pictures were added and resources and blog links were painstakingly edited and updated.

Several No Hands But Ours Mentoring Mamas saw a need and created the China Adoption Special Needs Information Facebook group in late December. Now, just a month later, over 1000 mamas are using the group to support, encourage and share information about their experiences with China special needs adoption.




No Hands But Ours on Facebook:

Our “likes” grew from 884 to 2579. As of today, we have 2717.

(If you haven’t liked us yet, please do. It’s an incredibly easy way to keep up with the NHBO content as well as help get the word out about orphan care, adoption, special needs and children who wait.)

Our 2014 post with the largest FB reach (tie): 

Everyone Stared by Amy S. with over 22,000 people reached via Facebook
Loaves, Fishes and Bedrooms by Mike with over 22,000 people reached via Facebook

From January 2014 to December 2014, our post reach went from 405 to 12,614.
From January 2014 to December 2014, our total reach went from 46 to 12,152.




No Hands But Ours Blog:

A total 322 posts were published in 2014.

The average number of page views in early 2014 was 1865 per day. The average number of page views in late 2014 was up 455 per day to 2320.

Our most commented on post of 2014 was Sometimes Love is War by Carrie with 45 comments.

The top 10 countries who visited No Hands But Ours (stats from November and December 2014):

1. United States with 64,326 sessions
2. Canada with 3,007 sessions
3. United Kingdom with 967 sessions
4. Australia with 721 sessions
5. Netherlands with 433 sessions
6. Germany with 305 sessions
7. Italy with 214 sessions
8. Singapore with 196 sessions
9. Sweden with 173 sessions
10. Finland with 160 sessions

The top 5 referring sites to No Hands But Ours in 2014 were:

1. Facebook
2. Ni Hao Y’all
3. There’s No Place Like Home
4. No Greater Joy Mom
5. Blog Lovin’

And a flashback to a favorite post from each of our contributors in 2014:

22 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Adoption by Amy A.

The Greatest Special Need of All by Amy S.

Fish Out of Water: Adoption Mamas We Need Each Other by Andrea

A Birth Story by Carrie

Eleven Simple Steps to Successful Single Adoption by Desiree

I Know That She Was Loved by Hannah

Cold Feet by Jean

The Party Blower by Jennifer

The Looking Glass by Kam

The Adoption Process Isn’t Really the Hard Part by Kelly

Sleep by Kristi

Day 366: Trading “Likes” for Love by Mike

Saying Yes to Complex Conditions by Rebecca

To the Traumatized Family by Tara

Advocacy and Social Media: What’s Not to “Like”? by Sheryl

40 Fundraising Families. And A Challenge for You. by Stefanie



No Hands But Ours Advocacy:

134 of the 322 posts published on NHBO in 2014 were advocacy related, with more than 200 children featured. All were published by our amazing Advocacy Team, headed up by the tireless Liberty Joy, in an effort to find forever families for the thousands and thousands of children in China who wait.

Of those children, 42 (that we know of) have found their forever families.

And of those 42, 6 were found directly due to a post on No Hands But Ours.

The best part of the year, knowing six little ones will now have a family to call their very own. Forever.


Click the name to see the original post about each of these kiddos:





2014 was a spectacular year here at No Hands But Ours. Heartfelt blog posts were published. Special needs were discussed. Waiting children were spotlighted. And little ones found forever families.

I’m hopeful that, by God’s grace, 2015 will be filled with all those things and more.

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