Caring for her heart

March 25, 2015 Attachment, Kelly 6 Comments

I rarely seem to get the significant conversations when I try to start them. But, I try anyway. I don’t try everyday; neither of us need it everyday. In fact, there have been weeks that go by with no real attempts on my part to open those doors. But, every once in a while, when I see an opportunity, I gently push those cracked doors of her heart open, just to keep them open. It’s part of my job as her mother, as much a part of my job as making her lunch, brushing her teeth at night, and making sure she does her homework. Heart care is what I signed up for when we put our thumbs in red ink. And, even though it isn’t always pretty, I’m in.

Lydia March 3

On her brother’s birthday, after we talk about his birth story, she may hear something like this…

“You didn’t grow in my belly like your brother did, did you? Some kids may feel a little sad or mad about that at times. I wonder if you ever feel sad or mad about it. Well, if you ever do, you can tell me.”

When someone asks her where she’s from or if she speaks English, she may hear something like this…

“I love that you’re Chinese. It’s part of who you are, and I love who you are. Some kids may like the extra attention that being special gives them. Maybe you do. But, some kids may feel a little sad or mad when people don’t understand who they really are and single them out. I wonder how you feel about it. Well, either way, you can tell me.”

A pause. That’s the most I receive from her in response typically. She stops, she hears me, she may smile, she may give me an okay, and then she’s off again. It could feel like my efforts aren’t all that helpful, that she’s too young to get it, that there’s really no need for it. In those moments, I just shrug my shoulders and tell myself that it’s good practice for me even if it’s not so much sinking in for her. But, there are other moments sprinkled in that tell me, yes, all my efforts are worthwhile.

I don’t remember what I was doing when she came to me. It was ordinary, insignificant. She came up real close.



“My China mommy misses me, but I don’t miss her.”

“Oh, honey, that’s hard. It’s hard to miss someone you don’t remember.”

I hugged her. I held her for a few seconds, just long enough to assure her, I hope, that I was a safe place for her to share her brokenness as well as all the good, fun stuff — and there’s plenty of that to share. She heard me, she smiled, she gave me an okay, and then she was off again.

Lydia March 2

It’s been my intended message all along, every time I tried walking through those open doors: Feelings are part of being alive. You’ll have good feelings and bad feelings — sometimes even at the same exact time. I’m here to process all of them with you. I’m safe. I’m able. I’m willing.

Every time I try, I firmly believe that I’m getting better at loving her well. And, every time I try, I firmly believe she’s getting better at taking it in.

6 responses to “Caring for her heart”

  1. We JUST had this conversation last night about keeping that cracked door open and pushing it open a bit more occasionally. Sharing this – really beautifully said!!!!

  2. Love the quotes… I am sure I will remember them as I have similar conversations with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle McCormick says:

    LOVED this Kelly…Loved it so much!!! We are waiting for our referral right now and my heart hurts at the thought of these questions, these feelings, these very real and hard realities of adoption!!! Oh my Momma’s aching heart!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet journey to winning your little girl’s heart!!!
    Baby steps and maybe even one step forward and two steps back, but every part is essential to the “messy beautiful” that takes our breath away and melts our hearts for our precious little ones!!!
    Will be praying for your Momma’s heart, for your beautiful little girl’s heart and for her to continue asking questions and drawing closer and closer to you!!!

    • Michelle, what a blessing to read your comment! Such an encouragement to me. I’m so honored to be a part of the messy beautiful for Lydia and all my children who are now all grafted into her story and our story.

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