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Hello August, hello new family travel blogs (my favorite!), and hello news articles and posts of interest! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s compilation, keep the links coming!

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Kindness Matters. Read the beautiful thoughts of a mama encountering new experiences with her daughter who has a visible special need, especially poignant are the times she has been shown kindness. May we all learn how to extend love and kindness on this day.

All you ever wondered about Adopting Out of Birth Order, Two Unrelated Children, or an Older Child compiled into one succinct post. If you are curious about any of these topics head over to Mine In China to read more, and while you’re there read through the archives, this is a great blog with lots of information on China adoption.

One of the issues which can become prevalent for families who are in the middle of attachment and bonding struggles is well covered in the post, Adoption 101: Indiscriminate affection. In fact, this is a post you can send out to families and friends to better understand what your child may be going through, giving encouragement advice: “Educating yourself on what new adopted families will be facing with their children and how you can appropriately respond to these issues is one way you can support these families.”

It is not often that you get to see inside of the heart of someone who has just realized they have fallen in love. In She Has My Heart, we get to see just this. The beautiful retelling of a mama realizes how deeply she has fallen for her daughter. A daughter she may have for “one more day, or one more month, or one hundred more years to hold” is now in full possession of her new mama’s heart.

Growing Wests shares a fantastic post titled, Foodies. This is a great read filled with love and practical wisdom from a super-mom who shares her perspective of having children with food issues.

Let me share just a few words of the post Call to Boymom by Leftylex: “Being a boymom is just about as terrifying as I thought it would be. My son is as sticky as a glue stick every second of the day, his energy never runs out, and he instantly turns any object into a weapon. But, dear Lord, does that boy love and melt his mama!” Now go read the rest, it’s so good!

Lanza Adoption Adventure gives us a review on the children’s book titled, Porcupette Finds a Family. This sounds like a sweet book which might be helpful for children who are learning to love and trust their new adoptive family.


Jamie, a fellow adoptive mom has authored the book, Blood Sisters: A Tale of Adoption, Thalassemia, Sisterhood and Miracles. The book recounts her family’s story of adopting two girls from different parts of China who both have the same rare blood disorder. “This is the story of how they became a family and how that family navigates the world of adoption and medical care.”

We had the privilege of sharing The Ayers Family Writes Their Own Story with you last year. Watch this inspiring video as they make the news in their local city. The courage this amazing couple exemplifies in facing the fears of adoption and travel to China is a lesson for all of us, they did not let anything stand in their way. It is such a blessing and privilege to have this type of bravery for us to learn from within our China adoption community.

Zhanjiang Kids Organization has officially opened their foster home named Grace Village in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. They will be serving special need children who require more specialized care than what may receive within the local orphanage. It is such a joy to watch the difference they are making in these little lives within the very first few days of opening.


Pepper Meeting her Daddy for the First TIme

Pepper Meeting her Daddy for the First TIme

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Thank you for joining us for another What We’re Reading edition, see you again soon!


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