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Happy Fall everyone! We have some great links and traveling families to share with you, so grab something to fuel your pumpkin addiction, a warm blanket, and get to clicking. And as always, please share any posts or family blogs you think our community would enjoy.

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Kelley shares how they became Fully Funded and How That Happened in their adoption of sweet little Ridge! This family raised every single penny needed for their adoption while they were in process.

In To Share a Family Album or Not, Mandy discusses the impact of sending an album with pictures to her daughter Lydia and her desire to the same for their waiting son. “ The family book is one of the only things that connects her life before us and her life with us.

Take a look at this interview called, A Sibling Perspective About Travel, in which two brothers chat about their upcoming trip to China to meet their newest sister. There will be a follow up to this interview a few months after they travel.

This post has been circulating the last few weeks and is so powerful. I Don’t Want you to be Grateful: A Letter from your (Adoptive) Mother. It is such a beautiful post so full of love: “I don’t need you to be grateful, I want you to know, to assume, to not even think that there was another option except me loving you. Because there wasn’t. This love? It was here waiting for you all along.”


Have you ever wondered, How the developing brain of a child who was internationally adopted may differ from a typical child’s brain and what interventions might help?By acknowledging and understanding the biological development of a child’s brain, a parent can focus on utilizing parenting and teaching strategies that are tailored to the needs of internationally adopted children given the high risk of developmental problems related to the atypical stress responses.

What do you think about “older parents” who make the decision to add to their family through adoption? Are they Crazy or Gutsy? Parenting in Your Forties and Fifties explores this amazing group of parents.

If your child needs a prosthesis this might be an interesting read. Gone are the days of realistic looking prosthetics. New Prosthetic Arms Are Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars Themed.

Love Without Boundaries has had so many great articles recently. So many, in fact, that we had trouble choosing just one to link. Take A Tour of the Loving ARMs Healing Home which just opened to serve children born with intestinal special needs. Read about the difficulties of Post-Adoption Adjustment for Older Children and the stages they may go through as they learn to be a part of a family. And finally, read the response to The End of the One Child Policy written by the LWB CEO Amy Eldridge, “I honestly don’t anticipate any change in the often overwhelming needs of Chinese orphanages.”

If you like to read adoption stories, then you will love this series: 50 Most Inspiring Adoption Stories with Beauty Revived. The 31st family is our very own Nicole representing the China community.


Faith on November 1st, the day she met her son Shaw

Faith on November 1st, the day she met her son Shaw

In China now (or super soon)…
A Missing Piece
The Countless Conklins
Throwing Our Arms Open Wide
Planting Trees
Our Big Adventure to Jonah and Rees
It’s an Obwald Life
Panda Eight
Full Plate Mom

And just home from China…
My Life Song
My Imperfect Extraordinary Life
We Martins Adopt
The Tiny Knives + MeiMei
2 Get Us to You
Not The Crazy One
Bringing Home Elijah Andrew

Getting close to travel for your little one in China? Share the link HERE.

Thank you for joining us for another What We’re Reading edition, see you again soon!


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