November’s Fundraising Family: The Van Camps

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Hi! We are the Van Camps – Kaylyn, Brent, Avenell, Micah, and Emmeline! We are a family created through belly daughters and adoption. Our handsome son, Micah Friday, came home from Uganda in 2013 through adoption and our hearts will never be the same!


We were not the family that had our hearts set on adoption, in fact that was never in our plans. Our plans were full of the American Dream type living, with dreams of being comfortable and content. In one night, through a blog we found randomly, God changed everything and set us on a new course for our family! He broke our hearts for what breaks His, and asked us to follow Him in opening our hearts and home to the fatherless. Not just a little bit, but with our whole lives. In one night, on January 25, 2011, He made it known that our family was missing children and we were to find them.

After a 2 year wait, we met our son Micah and brought him HOME! Adoption has changed us in all the best ways possible. NOT because it is easy. Mostly because it is hard. It pulls us all out of our own comfort and purges our hearts of all that kept us from the beautiful unfolding story God has for us and our family. We are being sanctified every day.

Months ago we began praying about adopting again. Not because we wanted to, honestly, because God had put a specific child on our hearts. This child has special medical needs that seemed really scary at the time, BUT God would not let up. He asked us just to say yes, to trust Him. It took us a long time to surrender our fears of special needs adoption, but when we did there was great peace and excitement. We said yes to this child and waited for God to make a way to bring them home. However, God made it clear now was not the time for this sweet one to be in our family.

A week later, through only God ordained events, we found Eloise. A friend just felt like she had to share her picture with us, a picture of a girl in China who has been waiting a long time for a family. In a way only God can provide, we had an overwhelming joy and peace that she was our daughter!

After saying yes, we were her family, we saw that she was found on January 25th, 2011, the very same day God started working on our hearts regarding adoption. Yes. God is in every single detail of our lives.

We have now begun the process to bring her HOME!


We have named her Eloise Joy (famous for a warlike/ intense Joy). She just turned 5 in July and she was blessed with an extra Chromosome and a whole lot of joy! Some people call it Down syndrome, but we prefer “Awesome Syndrome”. She is thriving and so very smart! She is doing very well with school, learning her colors and alphabet. She understands Mandarin and English, and she uses sign language to communicate as well. She is a tiny princess, very small for her age but makes up for it with her big personality! She shares hugs and kisses often and her smile is infectious, with 2 little chin dimples. We cannot wait to hold her and kiss her sweet cheeks!

We have $17,000 left to raise to get her home and we are trusting BIG! This was not the time we would have planned to say yes to another adoption, but God told us to step out in faith and to bring His daughter home to a family! We just finished our homestudy and are working on submitting our dossier.

We would love for you to be a part of Eloise’s story that God is writing and joining in on getting her home to her family! We need a village, we need your help! We were blown away by the love and support we received as a family when we went to Uganda to bring Micah home. We have seen God move HUGE mountains and we are believing in his miracles once again!

We are fundraising currently through our small handmade business, Dunlap Love!


I started Dunlap Love 8 years ago when our first daughter was born. I wanted to create as my own downtime and I started making hair bows, then venturing into plush toys. Soon friends were asking for them and that is where it all started. I struggled for years with how God could use my desire for design and plush toys for His Kingdom. In 2011, when God had broke our hearts for the orphan, He gave me His vision for Dunlap Love. Using the gifts He has given me to support orphan care. Friends came home from an orphanage in Mexico City sharing how these kids had nothing to their name. So, we got to work making a sheep softie for each child in that orphanage with their name on it. I got to deliver them myself.

That joy was the beginning. We have shared personalized softies in Guatemala and Uganda, and we now sponsor an adopting family each month and donate 20% of profits from Dunlap Love to their adoption funds. The rest is currently going into our fund to bring Eloise home!

Dunlap Love is a family effort. I do most of the designing and making, but Brent stuffs and sews up the butt cracks (yes, most have cracks), and our children help with the creative design process requesting new animals to make and stories to tell. Our Land of Dunlapia softies all have a story unique to them. They are all learning life lessons and have quirky character traits and there is a story everyone can relate to. Go check out Penelope Panda’s story – she was adopted by the King of Dunlapia!

Each year I also create unique, one of a kind, Christmas stockings that are made to order. I am currently taking stocking orders until the end of November.

You can visit us on FB here.
Our Etsy shop: Dunlap Love
See more of our work on Instagram at @dunlaplove
And our GoFundMe page: Hope for Eloise

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