Not One Waiver, But Two.

March 14, 2016 asset waiver, income waiver, March 2016 Feature - Special Circumstances, waiver request 0 Comments

We were once a family of six. Comfortable and content. Completely sure we were done having kids. Ready to start our next stage of life.

We always knew we wanted to adopt, but that was in the distant future. When our four small kids were older… or so we thought.

Just like God does, He penned a different story. He stirred our hearts in a big way to move forward. We looked at China’s requirements to adopt and were immediately discouraged as we did not meet the asset or income requirements. And at the time my husband was working at a fairly new job so we did not see a raise coming any time soon. But after praying more about it, we knew this was what God was asking of us – we decided to move forward with trust. And wouldn’t you know it…. two weeks after we said yes, my husband got a raise which allowed us to meet the income requirement! Our God loves showing off like that, doesn’t He?! After adding everything up, we still did not fulfill the asset requirement. Our social worker requested a waiver for us and thankfully we were approved to move forward!

Great easy story, right? But that’s not the end!


After seeing the face of our sweet girl and waiting for pre-approval to bring her home, God was speaking to my heart. We knew we were bringing home more than one child. Small problem though, we barely met the requirements for adopting one, how in the world would we ever get approved for a second child? But we knew, if this was really what God wanted, He was going to make it happen. (I wish I was as spiritual as that last sentence sounded, I had my doubts and may have lost all my fingernails as I waited for our waiver to be approved.)

And wait, we did! We waited so long to hear back from our social worker that we pretty much figured we were going to be denied. Imagine my genuine surprise when the phone rang and and our social worker excitedly told me that the second waiver submitted on our behalf had been approved!

It was time to go get our boy!


To this day I am reminded of this prime example of how God showed up to do big things in our lives when we simply said yes to Him!

Bringing home Nina and Isac has been such an amazing journey that I am so blessed to be on.

Can not imagine our family without them!


Just waiting to see what big things God has in store for us next!

– guest post by Sara

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