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April 14, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Amber (born November 2009) is an energetic, talkative little girl who loves to recite poems and sing her favorite songs and lullabies! She was born prematurely and was diagnosed with developmental delays and symptoms of hyperactivity. During her early childhood, she could grasp toys to play with, pass objects between both hands, and clap two blocks together. She could sit upright and soon learned to run and jump.


Nowadays, she can easily pick up peanuts with chopsticks, catch a ball, and tie her own shoelaces! She can also dress and undress in addition to washing her hands on her own. She knows the difference between “inner” and “outer”, as well distinguish between colors. She can communicate with others using 5-10 word sentences and can say words such as “papa” and “dada”. She’s quite perceptive and can recognize different facial expressions; she’s also very good at distinguishing between familiar and unfamiliar faces.


She has an outgoing personality and her caregivers say that everyone likes her. She enjoys interacting with her caregivers and plays very well with other children in the orphanage!

WACAP is offering a $2,000 Promise Child Grant for qualified families! Email WACAP for more information.

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