Urgent Aging Out Child: Rebekah

April 30, 2016 Family Found, Liberty 0 Comments

Rebekah is 13 years old and will age out of the adoption system on her 14th birthday in November.


Rebekah is an HIV carrier and lives in a group home setting with other children who have also tested positive for HIV. She was with her birth family and cared for by the community until she came to the group home at age 4. She attends private school where she is a good student. Rebekah has three friends at school and one friend at the group home, but no best friend. She is also close with a specific caregiver. Rebekah can be described as a bright, sensitive child who is good at caring for her own needs and very tidy. She interacts well with adults and likes to take care of younger children. Her personality is passive and introverted although she will let you know if she is very angry. She has been observed to be less social than others in her peer group. A few of her favorite activities are playing hackie-sack, skating, bike riding and playing on her cell phone. Holt staff members who met Rebekah noted that she made good eye contact, answered questions readily and often showed off her big, beautiful smile! She has glasses to correct a vision problem, but doesn’t like to wear them. Photos are on file-please contact us for more information. Rebekah needs a family who can complete her adoption before she ages out of adoption in November 2016. We believe she would fit best in a family without children close to her age at home so that she can be showered with the individual attention she needs to develop healthy relationships.


A Holt ambassador who met Rebekah in October 2015 had this to say about her:

“Last week I was in China hanging out with an amazing group of kids at a children’s HIV home. One of the gals I had the privilege of spending alot of time with was Rebekah. She is a quiet , sweet spirited, talented and beautiful girl. Her hobbies include riding bikes and roller skating. She has a servant’s heart and was always in tune with what I was doing and would eagerly help me with whatever I needed. She was a joy to have by my side in China. Such a sweetheart! I have great hope that some family out there will choose her as their daughter. She is so lovable and desirable. She told me that she wants to move to America and when I asked her why she said, “I want a family.” Will you join me in asking God to give her this desire of her sweet heart?”

Contact Holt for inquiries about adopting this child.


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