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November 10, 2016 Family Found 7 Comments

Donna was born in December of 2007 and admitted into the CWI in December of 2012. Her special need is astigmatism of both eyes.


At the time of entering the CWI, Donna’s height is 102cm, weight is 17kg, head size is 47cm and chest size is 49cm. Her general condition was good but her nutritional condition was relatively poor. There were no abnormalities of her head, eyes, necks, lungs, heart, liver, spleen, limbs and spine.

Donna was five when she first came to the CWI. She had dark bright eyes and thick black hair. She was a quiet and beautiful little girl. She appeared to be shy and introverted and did not speak much because of the new environment. In order to help her adjusting to the life in the CWI more quickly, she was placed into a foster home inside the CWI in June of 2013.

She is very mature and capable and quickly established good relationship with the foster parents and foster brothers and sisters. She valued the love and care provided to her from the foster family and loved playing with other children. As an older child, she always minded the foster mother and helped caring for the younger children at home. She was considerate and helpful and always tried to help the foster mother to do chores. The foster mother praised her highly.


Shortly after Donna entered the CWI, she started the pre-school inside the CWI. She made great progress in the pre-school. She became more outgoing and lively and more capable and mature. She started first grade in September of 2014 and started a new phase of her life.

Currently, Donna is a third grade student in an elementary school near the orphanage. She has outgoing and lively personality and her temperament is peaceful and mild. Her physical condition is good and she has normal intelligence. She behaves well in school, follows the rules and she gets along well with other children. She is respectful and is well-liked by the teachers and other children. She has wide interest and is learning piano and fine art outside of school. She likes sports and art crafts.

Donna is good-natured and mature. She gets along very well with the foster parents and foster brothers and sisters. After entering the CWI, Donna has received timely immunization shots.

Donna is from one of BAAS’s partnership orphanages. Interested families can contact BAAS.

7 responses to “Find My Family: Donna”

  1. Jolene says:


  2. Teri says:

    Do you have to be paper ready?

  3. Catherine says:

    Can I get more information?

  4. Janet Kimball says:

    I would love to learn more about her. Is she 8 or 9 by now? I don’t know what the process is to apply for adoption of one of these children. Our daughters are in college and aren’t home much anymore, so we could give her a lot of attention and love.

  5. Simon says:

    Hello, we would be very interested in adopting Donna into our family. We have one little girl, Ella (8), from China and would love her to have a sister around the same age to share her experiences with, growing up. Please let us know how to make it happen.

  6. Deidra Stanford says:

    We would like to have more information about adopting Donna. Thank you

  7. Tamberly says:

    Donna’s file is not yet ready. Her file is at the provincial level and will be assigned to BAAS when complete. Please contact Xiaoqing Cai at and ask to be placed on the list to view her file when ready. Families already signed on with BAAS are usually given priority.

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