Love Lives Here

November 24, 2016 Katie 2 Comments

As parents who have adopted children from difficult places, fear is no stranger to us. In fact, I would dare to suggest that it is an old companion at this point. It is never far away. Fear is something so constant it takes on a persona of itself and the word fear becomes a name, Fear.

Let’s talk about this Fear for just a bit. What is it and how do we live with it? Is it possible to rid ourselves of Fear? And why should the world sit and listen to us anyways?

But one thing we know is Fear.

As soon as the sparking thought of adoption begins to form the sinister and twisted Fear begins to make it’s very first attempt to enter. At first it is just a brush of fingers on the edges of our minds, almost imperceptible. Fear is a brilliant manipulator and often goes by other names such as Deception or Doubt. It even tries to mask itself as Wisdom, but can never fully own that name. But watch how Fear tries. Make no mistake Fear is what is at the base of it all.

Fear always finds our weak places, our places where we feel our sanity abandons us. And it slowly creeps into our walls. There are moments when it feels as if Fear has won, as it consumes us. It feels as if it owns us for a time. And we lose our footing. We find ourselves owning this Doubt, this Deception, this Fear.

But can I tell you a secret? Can I tell you how we overcome and arrive at a moment in which we see Fear run away in shame? We bind Fear daily. Every single day we toss it away again and again and again. Do you know why?


We saw a face. One day we looked into the eyes of a child who knew nothing but Fear. The eyes were vacant and void of life. And Love called out to us. It was but a tiny moment, a blink in time that took us by surprise. It breathed into our very souls and roared louder than Fear could ever have imagined. Love consumed us in ways we never knew existed. And suddenly Fear felt so small, so insignificant.


Now allow me tell you about Love. It is perfect. It is all consuming and it is a light that never dies. It does not creep into our lives. It enters strong and powerful. It simply exists. In every way that Fear exists, Love is the opposite. It does not trick us. It does not hide underneath lesser names. Love needs nothing from us. It exists and gives itself to us every moment of every day.

When Fear finds itself in the presence of Love it cannot exist. It simply cannot. There is no fight, no war to be had. Love casts out Fear. Every time. Fear cannot win against Love. In every way that Love is strength, Fear is weakness. Fear consumes itself.

Fear cannot win against Love.

And every time we look into the eyes of Love and remember to lay claim to it, Fear, the coward, marches itself right into the ocean. The brazen fool will come back time and again. But it cannot find a home here. Do you know why? Our simple and all powerful secret?

Love lives here.

2 responses to “Love Lives Here”

  1. Anne fortener says:

    Good job Kate!

  2. Michelle says:

    So needed this today.

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