Then and Now: Deklan

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I find myself consistently caught in the deceptive trap of a compare and contrast representation of the last 345 days. Through the lens of retrospection, milestones can be simple to compartmentalize. I quickly disregard the messy tentacles that stretch from each “attained” behavior and stamp it “victorious”. I am learning that adoption carries an oceanic rhythm. Behaviors that seemed lost at sea can suddenly crash over you with a new force and with unexpected triggers.

Deklan’s adoption day was far from picturesque; this sweet four year old did not want to leave his home and he blamed me for yet another loss in his little life.


For months he blamed me.

Deklan couldn’t say that he hated me, he is deaf and initially had no language, but his eyes and his actions spoke strongly of his disdain. As I would rock him at night I would whisper to him, “Someday you’ll love me.”

I recited this chant as a comfort more to myself than a call to action for him; he was not required to love me.

Those months were hard and ugly from an inside view.


A child’s denial of a mother is excruciatingly painful no matter how equipped one may be for a potential rejection. I became the queen of intentional behaviors, tending to each of Deklan’s needs; forcing him to see me as his comforter and I was exhausted. Eventually the strategy proved successful and I could move his behavior of doubt from one column to the next.



Or so I naively hoped.

But life is rarely so simple, especially when webs of distrust and rejection wrap tightly around a young heart.


In the Autumn, Deklan entered kindergarten strapped with an IEP and pages of modifications. Through months of evaluations, specialists, and advocacy, a fantastic team had developed a plan perfect for Deklan’s first year of school.

Despite good intentions, strategic procedures rarely translate to a fragile heart. Each day as I would say “goodbye” and leave Deklan with strangers those months of trust-building slowly began to sneak away and meltdowns ensued.

As a team, the school and I worked to bring Deklan the security he was lacking. My picture was hung on the school schedule so Deklan could see when mom was returning, not wonder if I was returning. His tiny classmates learned to sign “Mama Later” as a means to encourage Deklan during moments of heartache. Patterns and old routines became reinstated at home; bottles and formula at night along with various other infantile practices reinsured Deklan and helped ground him. The wave of mistrust continued to crash upon us each day at drop off and would recede in the afternoon at pick up.

For months this cycle drained our souls while secretly rebuilding faith in Deklan’s heart.

Now, as we edge into winter, Deklan scurries onto the school campus with giggles. From the outside this behavior seems conquered.

Cross distrust off of the list.

This time, however, I am not so naïve. Doors are never fully closed in the world of adoption, there is always a lingering, a scent of the “before” that permeates the soul so deeply that it cannot be completely washed away.

Despite this knowledge I am enticed to tally up the column of changes, to quantify the last 345 days with marks of success: three inches taller, five pounds heavier, fully potty trained, writing letters, signing, speaking a handful of words, two successful surgeries, and so on. I find comfort in the notches, reflecting on the visible leaps of progress, knowing that indeed we are moving forward.


However, I am now tethered to the sand expecting a wave to return and crash over us, but knowing that it will eventually recede and we will not be taken off to sea.

– guest post by Natalie

14 responses to “Then and Now: Deklan”

  1. Natalie says:

    Beautifully and so truthfully written!!!!!!

  2. Judy Lavallee says:

    What a huge undertaking you are experiencing. The past year has certainly been a stressful one for you and your family but obviously a great success…just look at your accomplishments. Each tiny step forward is a miracle in Deklan’s life. Keep strong, try not to be super mom, and realize the joy you are bringing to him.

  3. Randy Hamm says:

    This is such wonderful writing! Thank you for sharing so honestly from your heart. And the pictures are priceless.

  4. Teresa says:

    Thank you for filling in the gaps for me. I haven’t always been aware of what you were experiencing and am always concerned. Praying fervently, but concerned. You’ve continued to rise above as you reach for God’s hand to guide you. I’m thankful for your openness and insightfulness, and willingness to share the experience. You are a teaching tool for young moms of striving for even (seemingly) unattainable goals, giving unconditional love, and finding what works for littles like Deklan. His potential is evident, and with your attentive and intuitive handling he has reached so many awesome milestones! I love you and thank God for your strength and love! Mom

  5. Patty says:

    Beautiful expressions of the love of Jesus through you and your family????

  6. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey of love and faith! Beautiful and inspiring

  7. Renee Thomas says:

    Every year, every month, every day and every single moment of his precious little life, you are making wonderful memories for your little guy, as a member of a very loving family. A new language, a new trust, a feeling of reassurance, love, parents and siblings, and your little boy will only continue to grow into a beautiful, grateful, happy young man. I KNOW, I have one! Deklan is truly as blessed to have you and your family as you are to have him. Hugs to your family Natalie.

  8. Wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing…

  9. Lori says:

    Love you…. and all your babes…

  10. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for sharing your intimate journey with the many. God is so faithful! He shows Himself and we grab His Hand and walk . I’ll continue to pray His continued leading and power that is faithful ❤️

  11. Erica Del Val says:

    Thank you Natalie for your words that were from the heart. I know that God has plans for you, your family and Deklan who is now part of your family in every way from the hand of God. Stay strong and stay focused on Him, the author and finisher of our faith. Love you sister.

  12. Shannon McMahon says:

    Natalie your writing is so beautiful and heart felt. Thank you for sharing your journey- as you said it’s only the beginning. But what an amazing journey it is! And what encouragement you are to all the families who may be going through a similar thing. We are so thankful for little sweet Deklan and know he will continue to progress and know he is truly loved!

  13. Carrie says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey, Natalie! Getting to glimpse inside what life has been like this past year gives others a better understanding of adoptive families. It’s giving me some new things to pray for as well. I look forward to reading more.

  14. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for this post! This is spot on. We’ve been home over a year with our daughter and she’s had plenty of victories and plenty of crashing waves. It can be hard sometimes to explain to people on the outside that see her as “all better.” Beautiful job!

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