Child Who Waits: Seth

January 10, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Meet Seth!

Little Seth is 5 years old and is on Wide Horizons For Children’s Individual list. He lives in one of their orphanage partnerships so I have met with him a few times.

Seth is described as a social butterfly! He loves playing with the other children at the orphanage. He is quick to try new activities – especially if it involves being outdoors! But this active little kiddo has a sensitive side, too. He loves a cuddle from the nannies and thrives on their praise.

Seth was born with meningocele and tethered cord syndrome, which were repaired with surgery. It is great to see him walking, running, and climbing up and down stairs independently—just like other kids. Although Seth is not quite old enough to go to school, he is learning so much: his numbers from 1-20, some addition and subtraction – and can even sing many songs and recite poetry from memory! The sky’s the limit for Seth.

There is a $7500 subsidy for Seth’s adoption through Wide Horizons For children. Please contact Wide Horizons for more information.

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