Little Did We Know

January 23, 2017 complex heart defects 4 Comments

Seven years ago, on this very day, we boarded a plane for China.

Little did we know…

Little did we know how fuzzy your little head would be, or that you had the most beautiful dimples, or that you had the sweetest voice ever.

Little did we know how brave you would be.

Little did we know what a wise old soul you were.

Little did we know how saying yes to you would change us forever, in ways that we never imagined.

Little did we know just how much joy you would give to our family.

Little did we know how much our faith had been – and would be – strengthened beyond measure by loving you and bringing you home.

Little did we know how you would rally our community in prayer and bring countless people to their knees.

Little did we know that one million or more tears would fall from our eyes, and that human hands wouldn’t heal your broken heart, but Jesus would.

Little did we know how you would open our hearts so fiercely for the orphan, and that three more children would come home after you.

Little did we know what a blessing you would be, more than we could ever possibly dream of, son.

But God knew. He knew every hair on your head and He knew that you were worth the risk. Because love is always worth the risk.

I thank God we boarded that plane seven years ago.

Little did we know.

– guest post by Lisa Murphy, founder of Open Hearts for Orphans and Author of With an Open Heart: email || blog

4 responses to “Little Did We Know”

  1. Beautiful, Lisa!! <3

  2. Jill Lieser says:

    Perfect Love! How beautiful! Prayers of thanksgiving for your family!

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