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February 1, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet sweet Addison!

Addison is an adorable five year old little girl who has waited a long time…..

She was only one day old when she was found. After living in the orphanage for one week, Addison was moved into foster care. Her foster mother is a retired doctor who has not only taken very good care Addison, but has been very loving and kind to this precious little one. Addison has watched many other children, who have been in her foster mother’s care, get adopted.

Addison’s special needs are a bit unclear. She may have a genetic disorder. Her original special needs were listed as “brain issue” and clubfoot. Her foster mother thinks Addison may have cerebral palsy along with clubfoot. This little girl is walking, saying words, following instruction and is using chopsticks!

Addison’s Chinese name means “Love of Beauty”.

Here is an updated report on Addison dated 12/16/2016:

DOB: 3/12/2011
Current height: 105cm
Weight: 15kg
Head circumference: 47cm
Chest circumference: 60cm
Foot length: 15cm
Teeth: 20

Addison has been healthy. She gets a cold once or twice a year.

She has been living with her foster family since August, 2011. Her intelligence is not as good as her peers. Her fine motor development is good. She can pick up small things, play with toys, hold a pencil, and draw. Her gross motor development is good as well; she walks, runs and jumps.

She can say what is said to her. But she can’t speak in whole sentences yet. Her talking is clear as long she uses simple words, but for complicated pronunciation, it’s hard for her to speak clearly.

She likes to play with others, she likes to play with toys. She likes to watch TV and sing songs. She likes to go out to play.
When she is sad, she needs to be held.

She is not picky eater. She eats everything. She likes yogurt, cookies, fruits…etc. Her urine and bowel movement are normal. She doesn’t wear diapers except at night.

Her legs are a little different in length. Her left foot is a mild club foot. She wears a brace to help her walk.

Love this part of her update….

She loves her foster mother.
She is an extrovert.
She likes to play with other kids.
She doesn’t like “stuffy” animal toys. She likes real cats and dogs. She always pets them when she sees them.
Her favorite color is pink.

Oh my heart!

Please watch these videos of Addison. You will seriously fall in love with her!

Video one – video password: agci

Video two.

Video three.

There is a $7500 subsidy for Addison’s adoption. She is listed with Wide Horizons for Children.

Please contact Jennifer Doane for more info about Addison!

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