Waiting to be Chosen: Caris and Saul

March 12, 2017 Children Who Wait, Chris 0 Comments

Members from the One Orphan Hope Journey Team (America World Adoption) share their stories of two very precious children…

Read about Caris and her wait for a forever family.

One of the highlights of my trip was coming back to the foster care center on the second day and seeing Caris. At the end of our first day, she was crying when she was told it was time for us to leave. While hugging her, we reassured her we would be back the next day.

What an awesome feeling it was to see her excitement when we walked in the door the second day. Her eyes lit up and she squealed with delight. She was full of this joy everyday when we were at the center. We each had a special bond with her. She was affectionate toward us and to the other children. She was content to play alone or with the other kids. She enjoyed playing outside, coloring, reading books, making necklaces, and playing with play-doh. She loved to take pictures with our phones and play with our hair.

She prefers to scoot along on the floor but will walk around when holding on to someone’s hand. Being around her was so uplifting. She melted our hearts. I know she will be a blessing to the family who brings her home.

Caris currently lives in a foster home. The team was able to meet and interact with her foster mother. The AWAA China Staff has a large amount of information available to any family interested in viewing Caris’ file.

Watch this precious video of Caris.

We have team members ready and willing to share about her. If you are interested in learning more about Caris, or our China waiting child program, email china@awaa.org or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

Saul will steal your heart!

Read about what makes him so special.

From the first moment I saw Saul, I knew there was something special about him. Initially, in a room filled with children playing in the center of the room, Saul was in a corner, playing by himself. At first, he would not make eye contact with me or even attempt to engage with me. Then slowly, the ice began to melt, and a relationship was born over the next few days. I saw him truly transform to the point that I think he should now be called Paul!

His medical diagnosis, in my layman’s term is known as an underdeveloped brain. The doctor who was with us stated with Saul’s diagnosis he shouldn’t be able to accomplish the things he does. Yet, he reads, writes, plays twister, and kicks the soccer ball. He became very interactive in his speech when he came out of his “shy” shell. He asked me one day, through an interpreter, why I didn’t speak Mandarin. I asked him why he didn’t speak English. Suddenly with a shy smile, every word I spoke, he repeated back to me in perfect English.

This was a very proud moment for his foster mom. And me. And the interpreter. And Saul.

Saul is cognitively delayed in certain areas, but with the Forever Family that is the right fit for him, I know he will soar like Paul!!!

Are you that family???

You would be forever blessed in having Saul for your son.

If you are interested in learning more about Saul please contact our China staff at china@awaa.org. You can also read more about the China waiting program here. This file is special focus and can be pursued by a family at any stage of the process.

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