Joshua Waits

March 28, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 2 Comments

Joshua is a precious 5 year old who is waiting for a family of his very own.

Joshua has round head and face, ready to smile and clever. He is active, restless and extroverted. At the age of 1year, he can not speak much, can express his happy and angry with smiling and crying, can crawl to the food. He has flexible motion, can turn over and crawl well, can move with holding, can stand alone for a while, can use thumb and index finger deftly, can hold the toys with both hands, can search for dropped toys, can make sound of “yiyiyaya,” can giggle. He is energetic, likes playing toys and music.

Medical Condition: Arachnoid Cyst, Developmental delays

From a recent update:

Compared to his peers’ development, language, and behavior, etc., the orphanage feels he is basically normal. He can say anything and his speech is completely normal, so he can also understand and follow directions. He is potty trained and can completely take care of it on his own. His personality is lively and open and extremely charming. He loves to be active and really likes to play outside. He plays extremely well with nannies and other children. He does make eye contact.

He is very close with the nannies who care for him and his teachers, and he also likes to communicate with strangers. The orphanage staff mentioned that recently he may have shown some signs of epilepsy, and quite frequently too. However they are very fast, lasting only a second or two to ten seconds at the most, and he is fine after a moment. When the nannies ask him, he is aware.

Joshua is listed with CCAI through the former shared list program. Please contact this amazing agency for more information on this sweet little guy!

2 responses to “Joshua Waits”

  1. Dianne Nicholson says:

    What a sweet little guy!! He would fit just perfect in our home.

  2. Stacie says:

    He’s been matched with a family!

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