Waiting to be Chosen: Drake and Lincoln

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America World Adoption Hope Journey team members share their stories about a couple of very special boys.

Meet Drake.

I nicknamed him “Handsome”. Behind his quiet demeanor, his eyes hold a deep look that is kind and brave. I have spent two days watching him tease his foster brothers and joke around with the boys his age. He was quiet and reserved with me, but as I have gained his trust he gives me strong, sweet, brave smiles now.

He is eleven.

He knows his time is short to find a family. But he wants one desperately.

We went shopping and the children got to pick out a few treats at the store. What he wanted more than anything was gum. I could tell it was a treat for him. And then I saw him offer a piece to one of the nannies, and then to a teammate, and then to several of his friends. Generous and kind, he seems like an older brother to many of the boys here. And although he seemed a bit too old to be holding hands on our outing, this was how the nannies kept track of the children, and he would shyly look for me to grab my hand each time we were separated. Many members of our team called him “The Gentleman” because he just seemed to do those thoughtful little things gentlemen do.

His foster dad said he is smart and does well in school, except for math. He is athletic and coordinated, and would thrive with siblings to play ball with. He is an amazing kid with no cognitive delays. His nannies say he is gentle and kind, and has a fun sense of humor.

Look into his eyes and see.

This precious boy needs to be playing soccer, eating dinner at a table with brothers and sisters, going to Grandma’s house for a Christmas where, for the first time in his life, he would receive gifts and love….and the story of Jesus.

Meet Lincoln, who kept everyone roaring with laughter.

Here are two team member accounts of Mr. “Lincoln.”

From one team member:

I met the most amazing young man.

He entered the room carrying his baritone horn case. He sat down in front of our team and a few of the foster families and commenced to perform a wonderful song on his instrument. It was obvious he had been practicing diligently for his anticipated performance for our team. He was quite pleased with himself as we applauded for him. In an impressive show of responsibility, he carefully put his horn away as the staff and his foster family told us a little about him….He loves music, goes to school, loves to learn, makes beaded jewelry, and he is very responsible and independent.

Later in the day, I had the privilege of sitting down for some one-on-one time with him. He was very talkative and outgoing, inquisitive, and very bright. His intellect and personality shine brightly.

As we sat, we strung beads on to pipe cleaners and then onto string. He assured me that the task at hand was “very easy” for him – as I could plainly see for myself. It was very evident from our conversation that he desperately wants a family….and that is where he could thrive.

He then insisted I listen to him play a few songs on the keyboard in the next room. In another show of responsibility and self-sufficiency, he plugged the keyboard into the wall, removed the cloth cover, turned the keyboard on, and showed me how he knew several songs. I asked him where he learned to play, and was truly amazed when I discovered that he taught himself. His foster dad said that he will sing or hum a tune, then sit down to decipher the correct notes.

He obviously enjoyed playing with the different settings on the keyboard and the sounds and rhythms it made. I sat there for quite some time listening and watching him play. I couldn’t help but think of the incredible potential this sweet child has because of his passion for music. He is a child who has determination and persistence. He has such a sweet and funny disposition and has one of the greatest laughs I have ever heard!

Oh, did I mention he has been blind since birth? I don’t think I have ever been more impressed than I am with this incredible young man. What an honor it has been to spend time with him! His story has only just begun…

From another team member:

Lincoln has kept us laughing nonstop!! He is funny and quick-witted, energetic, and very happy. In talking with our translator, Lincoln has expressed his deep desire for a family. What a blessing he would be! Though he cannot see, he gets around without assistance. Lincoln has excellent fine motor skills and enjoys beading bracelet after bracelet. He was one of the first children that we met….and we were honored to watch him play the baritone horn. Everyone in the room was moved by his perseverance and persistence. I am not sure I’ve ever encountered such “drive” and motivation before. One moment he will play with one of us and have us in stitches, and then in the next moment he will sit down at the keyboard and begin to play a song.

Every moment spent with Lincoln was pure joy!! We are praying a family will step forward for Lincoln quickly, as he is twelve years old and will age out soon.

We have team members ready and willing to share about Lincoln and Drake. If you are interested in learning more about either one of these boys or our China waiting child program, email china@awaa.org or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

Visit our AWAA website or request one of our information booklets for more details, or contact our China staff with questions.

One response to “Waiting to be Chosen: Drake and Lincoln”

  1. Makenzie says:

    As a college student, I currently have neither the financial means nor the home/family stability. It breaks my heart to see these children who need a family and are running out of time to be adopted. I actually started crying reading Lincoln’s because I am a music lover myself and I can actually imagine him being part of my family – but as I said, it’s not currently realistic. Nonetheless, I keep coming back to this website because one day soon I hope to be able to give a home to these precious children.
    I hope these boys are able to find a family that will love them and help them thrive.

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