Waiting to be Chosen: Justin

April 10, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Justin was born March of 2014 and is a delight!

On a recent visit to his orphanage, his adoption agency (Wide Horizons for Children) just couldn’t get enough of this little one. Full of personality, and determination, Justin quickly imitated blowing “raspberries,” sustaining eye contact and giggling when it was the adult’s turn to make silly sounds and faces.

Justin was born with differences of all four limbs. After consulting with some specialists it is suspected that Justin may have skeletal dysplasia. That doesn’t stop him from crawling quickly to get where he wants to go and attempting to stand on his ankles, which are turned inward. Justin also has a quieter side, and can sit focused on the pages of picture books. In essence, he is an adorable and perfect little guy!

Justin needs a family to pursue him as their own. They will undoubtedly be immensely blessed in return!

Married couples up to age 53, and single women up to age 48 are eligible to apply to adopt Justin. Families may qualify for a $7,500 WHFC subsidy please contact Wide Horizons For Children for more information on this sweet little guy.

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