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August 11, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Victor is a nine year old boy who came to Bethel in the fall of 2016. It was clear upon arrival that Victor had difficult start to life and that he would have many obstacles to overcome. His transition was very hard on him and our staff, but with a lot of love, patience, and the stubbornness of our team, he began to settle into life at Bethel.

Quickly after arriving he began to attach to one of our best teachers. Every day he would wait for her to get off the bus and come to school, and if she was sick or on vacation he would get very upset. It was such a joy to see the bond that the two of them had.

When Victor first came, he didn’t eat solid food and he didn’t like to be in the light. Victor has albinism, so his skin and eyes are sensitive to light.

Within a few weeks of his arrival, he started eating solid food on his own, started to be curious outside, and we even heard him say a few words! He has also learned to get his own water and to do some self help skills like putting on/taking off his own shoes. Victor’s favorite toys light up and make noise, and he is fond of carrying around a little radio so he can listen to music.

Because it seems that he has difficulty trusting others, we have worked hard at helping him to attach to healthy adults and to know that we are safe. Since he is a big boy, we can’t carry him around like we would with a toddler or baby, but instead we would give him piggyback rides which he thought were fun and hilarious.

Victor also loves playing outside in the water, collecting leaves, and dancing.

Sadly, Victor’s orphanage decided that they don’t want any children out of province in foster care. Because of this, he had to leave Bethel this month. It was a heartbreaking situation for those of us who love him.

We believe that Victor’s best chance at a happy future is for him to be adopted. He needs a special family that is skilled in parenting children from hard places, a family that will believe in him and love him no matter what.

Bethel has many videos and photos of Victor’s time with us that we can share with committed families. You can email adoption@bethelchina.org for more information.

A Reece’s Rainbow account is now set up for Victor’s adoption.

– all photos are courtesy of The Arichibald Project, an orphan care advocacy organization.

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