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December 30, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Ajay is four years old and is a fabulous little guy listed with CHI! He is described as a caring and compassionate child who is kind to and concerned about other children. “Likes playing with other children, can share with others. He cares about other children, can hug other children, can comfort other crying children, can walk with other children by holding other’s hand.” That is not something typically seen in the files from this specific institution so he must be uniquely skilled at watching out for others.

Ajay currently living with a foster family on the grounds of his institution and by his reports appears to be a lovely and amiable little boy. He was found alone and taken to his orphanage where they assigned him his 3rd birthday that day he was found. There was nothing with him to show his actual date of birth so his age is an estimate. His description by his foster parents describe him well and is pasted below. His reports are from March 2017 and updated information has been requested.

Ajay is a child with Cryptorchidism. He is living with a foster family inside the welfare institution. At home, he received careful care from the parents. He is a bright and lovely kid. He likes playing on a swing, like playing on the slide, likes listening music, likes watching animation.

Ajay can walk steady. He can run now. He can go up and down stairs by himself. He likes playing with toy blocks, can separate and assemble the blocks, can take off shoes and socks. Can put on larger shoes, sometimes he can take on shoes by himself. Ajay is not a picky eater. He can take food by using his hand and feed himself. Can use a spoon and eat slowly. Ajay can understand adult’s instruction, such as have meal, wash face, wash hand, come, move a chair etc.

Ajay sleeps well, can get up and go to bed on schedule, likes playing with other children, can share with others. He cares about other children, can hug other child, can comfort other crying child, can walk with other child by holding other’s hand.

For more information about adopting Ajay, please email CHI Specialist Nina Thompson.

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