Meet Jagger!

February 16, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Jagger! We’d like to introduce this handsome 7-year-old boy to you!

Jagger is sometimes introverted and reserved around strangers and enjoys playing with toys and his favorite includes watching TV. He has a good appetite but can be picky about food. He loves KFC, roasted chicken wings, buns stuffed with meat, and chocolate – but he isn’t fond of tofu, vegetables, or seaweed!

Jagger has a medical history of congenital dyschondroplasia and a CT scan of his head from April 2017 showed some abnormalities. Due to dyschondroplasia, his physical development is delayed and with a height of 94cm at the age of 7, he is very short for his age. His language development was also delayed but his report says that he has made progress and has become more mature and will share gradually. He is reluctant to talk in front of strangers. He doesn’t attend school, but is receiving education from within his foster home. He walks steadily, skips on one foot alternately and will run around to play. Jagger is able to wash his hands and understands the use of daily commodities. He likes to take care of younger kids when playing with other children. His caregivers say he is a pleasant boy. He is in need of a family to provide him with the encouragement and love that all children deserves!

There is a $4000 grant available to families who qualify to assist with the cost of his adoption. Please contact WACAP for more information on adopting Jagger.

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