Auden: A Living Miracle

March 22, 2018 Children Who Wait, LWB 1 Comments

In September of 2015, while on an advocacy trip to China, I met a tiny baby boy with Down syndrome. I had seen children on tv who looked like this child, but I had really never seen or held a child who was literally on death’s doorstep.

His situation was very grave due to a digestion issue and staff who weren’t sure what more to do for him. I honestly wasn’t sure how much time he had left.

My travel buddy, Michelle, and I got in touch with some wonderful people at Love Without Boundaries who got him into one of their healing homes.

Three months later, they posted a picture of this baby they are calling Auden.

The changes moved me to tears.

Miracles happen and I am so thankful God put me and Michelle in the right place at the right time! He knew this little boy needed us to get help for him.

You can read more about his situation on Love Without Boundaries here and here.

And you can watch videos of Auden here:

Auden 1
Auden 2
Auden 3
Auden 4
Auden 5

Auden is now three years old and not only is he adorable, but he is thriving! This cutie has an amazing story, but this is just the beginning.

There just has to be an awesome family out there for this little one.

Please help us spread the word about him so he can soon be in the arms of his family… his forever family!

Auden is waiting for a family on China’s shared list. For more information, contact me at or message me on Facebook.

guest advocacy post by Brooke

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  1. Ariel Medders says:

    I would like to know how to go about adopting? I have two boys of my own! When I seen Auden I felt like there was a connection and reading his story brought chills all over me.

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