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April 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Nelson has a heart-breaking beginning to his story. He was found in 2011 at the age 2, along with his baby brother. There was a note with them. Nelson and his baby brother both struggled when they came into care- their hearts were broken at all they had lost. Both boys cried all the time, but Nelson would stop crying when his baby brother would cry and he would put his brother’s hand in his. Nelson loved to be near his brother and help care for him. The orphanage staff described Nelson as very cute and sensitive at that time. Tragically, Nelson’s baby brother passed away from illness about five months after the boys were found.

In November of 2013, Nelson started school at the Half the Sky little sister’s preschool class. He was very quiet and shy at first. With time, his language development improved dramatically and he also built up self-confidence. He does crafts, counting, and simple reading. The orphanage staff describe Nelson to be rich in love, always helping take care of the younger children. Nelson likes to play outside and enjoys running and riding bikes.

Nelson is independent in his care- he can feed himself, put on and take off his own clothes, toilet independently, and help the nannies to clean the floor, throw away the garbage, put the bowls and chopsticks in order, clean the tables, etc. He can brush his own teeth, wash his face, and make his bed on his own as well. Nelson is described as an obedient and sensible little boy. Nelson’s file states that he has cerebral palsy with agenesis of the corpus callosum in parenthesis, along with bilateral cryptorchidism (undescended testicles). From his file, his need doesn’t appear to have much affect on him.

In his medical file, Nelson expressed a great desire for a family of his own. He certainly deserves to be loved by a family for life and to be able to be a little boy and not just the nannies’ little helper. Please share and help this sweet boy find a family- what a blessing he will be!

If you are interested in reviewing Nelson’s file or in adopting Nelson, please contact your adoption agency. He is listed on the shared list. There is a $2,000 agency grant for Nelson’s adoption if a family chose to pursue him with MAA. WACAP would also likely given an adoption grant for his family.

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