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May 10, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Fred, male, born in March of 2008, was admitted to the social welfare institute in March of 2008. His special need is post-operative congenital cleft lip and palate and post-operative congenital heart disease (ASD). Fred is listed with BAAS.

Fred was placed into a foster family when he was first admitted into the social welfare institute. He received very good care and love from his foster parents for the first three years of his life so his motor skill and mental development is normal. He went back to the orphanage after three because he needed to start the preschool there. He is an active, positive, kind and polite child. Now he is a third grader in a public school. Because he took some time off for the surgeries, his grades were effected and his handwriting of the Chinese characters was not very good. His teacher reported that he was not very attentive or active in the classes. The social worker at the orphanage got involved in helping him this term and started to be more strict with him and had higher expectation of him. He got help to form a better study habit and his grade has improved.

Fred had surgery to repair the ASD in 2009 and has recovered from the surgery. He had surgery to repair cleft lip and palate in 2013 and received speech therapy for two months after the surgery. He can fully express himself but his speech is still not very clear.

Fred is ready for his forever family and interested families can contact Xiaoqing Cai at BAAS.

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