A Kaleidoscope of Color and Culture

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Over many years, long before Erin and I were even married, God was weaving together a beautiful story, made possible through adoption.

I was unexpectedly adopted from the Congo at just a few months old, as my biological mother died in child-birth with me. In the tribe I was born into, the cultural practice, if a woman died in childbirth, was to blame the baby for the death of the mother and bury the baby with the mother…

But God was gracious to me. A midwife named Kavira, who helped deliver me, didn’t believe this practice was right, and realized that it went against what the Christian missionary family who was living amongst the tribe had been teaching them. So Kavira took me to this missionary home and told them the situation.

Missionaries Ed and Hilde Morrow, offered to help care for me for a little while. My biological grandfather came to them and saw how they took care of me. He told them that there was no future there for me, and that they should just adopt me.

Hallelujah, they did.

My adoption began a legacy of hope and promise that could not be forgotten. Between my brother and sister (my parents’ biological children who were already teenagers by the time I came into the family), 3 amazing children have been adopted. My wife, Erin, and I want to continue to be a part of that magnificent legacy and splendid hope that comes through a family wrapping their arms around each other, loving each other fiercely, and walking together through all that life brings.

We are ready to be family to a 3 year-old little girl in China with whom we are honored to be matched. Her name will be Kavira.

Our family will be a beautiful kaleidoscope of color and culture. Kavira has albinism, which gives her delicate white hair and captivatingly gorgeous blue eyes.

Our faith is stretched by this endeavor, but we believe that we are being equipped to be Daddy, Mommy, and brother to our precious Kavira in this way.

Adoption is messy.
Adoption is raw.
Adoption is needed because our world is broken.
Adoption is needed because it redeems brokenness.
Adoption is needed because it is healing salve.
Adoption brings light.
Adoption fosters much grace.
Adoption is a journey of faith and is a visible Gospel.

We were changed in tremendous ways when we gave birth to our amazing son, Cohen. We are ready to be changed once again by our beautiful little Kavira who is waiting for us.

Check out our 3-minute adoption video that tells more about our story (and videos are just more fun anyway!), follow our vlog updates as we move through the final stages of the adoption process, and check out how you can support adoption on our website.

– guest post by Zawadi: email || website

3 responses to “A Kaleidoscope of Color and Culture”

  1. Linda Pearson says:

    This is simply beautiful! Your faith and love have billowed across the globe to envelope this beautiful girl with hope and a blessed future. I will pray for your family as you grow. God bless you!

  2. Linda Peck Srb says:

    Your faith, your family and your story touches me deeply, as I expect it will others. Sending love, prayers and blessings as your family welcomes Kavira into the wonderful Morrow clan.

  3. Amber says:

    Yes!!! So excited for you all! Beautiful family and great names full of legacy! 💖💖💖

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