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September 12, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Beautiful Genevieve!

Born in August 2006, Genevieve is now 12 years old and is quite the performer. She enjoys singing and dancing for her friends. Can you imagine how much joy she would bring to a family of her own?

Genevieve was found by police when she was about 3 years old. After much investigation by police, her birth parents were not located. She was then sent to the local institution to be raised where she still resides.

Genevieve’s caregivers describe her as extroverted and very talkative. She has good self care skills such as eating, dressing herself, bathing, and going to bed by herself. She’s happy and bold: not afraid of strangers. She loves to listen to music, play, and paint. She attends a special school at the orphanage and loves learning.

Upon admission to the orphanage it was determined that she has Down syndrome and VSD (a congenital heart defect) which has been repaired and is said to have healed properly. Her file includes hospital/surgical reports, an ultrasound report, growth and development records, lab results, vaccination records, and a few pictures.

Her file is very dated, but WACAP would be happy to request an update for an interested family.

Families considering parenting a child with Down syndrome can find guidance and support from experienced families at the China Adoption Special Needs Information page or Down Syndrome Adoption page on Facebook. You can also read stories from families parenting children with Down syndrome here on NHBO.

Genevieve has a very sizable grant available on Reeceā€™s Rainbow. Plus, WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families.

Please help spread the word about this precious girl who would surely blossom with the love of family.

Email for more information.

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