Waiting For You: Liam

December 29, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Handsome Liam, born February of 2016, has low vision and mild cerebral palsy. Liam has been under the care of Bethel since December of 2016. He can see and recognize faces, reaches out for toys he sees around him, and will go towards a toy or caregiver across the room. He is not blind, but …Read More

Meet Beatrice!

December 26, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Beatrice is a beautiful girl, born in June of 2016, with a precious smile and gentle spirit. She was living in a foster family sponsored by Love Without Boundaries, where she had an older foster sister who absolutely adored her. Her latest update, which you can read below, reports that she is back in the …Read More

Giving Our Treasures and Joying Great Joy

December 25, 2018 Christmas, Kelly 0 Comments

…and behold, the same star that they had seen before reappeared, the star they had been watching for, planning for, waiting for. With amazement that all they believed was true was true indeed, they moved forward, and it led them, shining brightly above them and before them until it came to rest over the place …Read More

The Unlikeliest Gift

December 22, 2018 adopting again, cleft palate, Craniofacial, December 2018 Feature - The Gift of Adoption, developmental delays, Family Stories, Heart System, VSD 0 Comments

As I sit down and reflect on all the gifts that my Lord has bestowed upon my family and I, there are too many to count. Yet I know that, on so many days, I forget. My mind soars in other directions and I lose sight of these gifts. Or perhaps… as I have realized …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Maya

December 19, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Hold onto your hearts! Maya, born May of 2014, is a beautiful little girl who almost always wears that gorgeous smile. She was born with cerebral dysplasia and found to have Hep B in June of 2016. She went into the hospital shortly after and now takes regular medication, allowing her condition to be stable. …Read More

A Shining Light: Adopting a Child who is Blind

December 17, 2018 congenital blindness, Family Stories, older child adoption, Sensory System, vision loss 1 Comments

Many people associate blindness with sadness, darkness and inability. But our experience with this need has been the opposite. Adopting our sweet boy who is legally blind has brought our lives so much joy, light and recognition of his amazing abilities. We did not set out to adopt a child who is blind. We sincerely …Read More

Find My Family: Siam

December 15, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Siam is a sweet little boy, born in March of 2015, with an engaging personality and a cute toothy smile. Siam was under the care of Show Hope, but unfortunately had to return to his orphanage in December of 2017. Siam was very close to his friends at Maria’s Big House of Hope and adored …Read More

Magnificently Good

December 13, 2018 Central Nervous System, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, Lifelong needs, Linny, non-verbal 0 Comments

When people are considering special needs adoption they usually look over a list and decide what they are comfortable with. Looking at the long lists of possible medical needs fearful thoughts can overwhelm even the bravest hearts. Sometimes the uncertainty of needs, often based on misinformation, can generate an automatic “No, not that need”. Here’s …Read More

Adopting a Deaf Child: The Special Need That Took a New Shape

December 11, 2018 ASL, cochlear implants, December 2018 Feature - Sensory, hearing loss, profound deafness, Sensory System, speech delay 2 Comments

Our story begins when I was in middle school and took a basic sign language class. I loved this manual language, and it’s amazing how the signs stuck with me for the next 25 years. But my husband was the first one of the two of us who had a heart for adoption. Between us, …Read More

Waiting Child Spotlight: Leta

December 9, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Leta is a precious little girl, born in April of 2016 with Down syndrome. Leta can sit, crawl, walk, play clapping hand games, and pick up small objects with her fingers. She likes to play with toy drums, rattles, and the toy piano. If Leta hears music, she will be happy and shake her body …Read More

The Unexpected Gift of Struggling

December 7, 2018 Central Nervous System, cerebral palsy, December 2018 Feature - The Gift of Adoption, developmental delays, Developmental System, epilepsy, IEP, Lifelong needs, undiagnosed SN 1 Comments

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, “Adoption is a gift”. People respond with a smile and a nod of their heads. Sometimes I get to go a little deeper and share details of our story and how we came to be the parents of a child with significant physical and …Read More

Meet Klodia!

December 5, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Klodia, born in September of 2007, is a sweet girl who loves playing games and chatting with her primary caretaker. She is cooperative and gets along well with other children. Klodia is outgoing and helpful. She likes to smile and laugh and when she does you can see her adorable dimples! Klodia wakes up at …Read More

How Grateful Are We: The Gift of Adoption

December 2, 2018 arthrogryposis, clubfoot, December 2018 Feature - The Gift of Adoption, Family Stories, limb difference, Orthopedic 1 Comments

This morning at 8 AM…. My little girl and I… together rocking in a chair. Her tiny little body cozy against mine, her head confidently against my chest, her breath in the same rhythm as mine, both enjoying this very precious moment. Mother and daughter…. united in a harmony that I couldn’t imagine before. Life …Read More

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