Urgent Waiting Child: Rupert

February 9, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Urgent waiting child Rupert was recently recalled to his orphanage; he has a $5,000 Bright Futures Agency Grant and up to $10,000 Older Child Grant with Reece’s Rainbow!

Smiley Rupert, born in July of 2007, had been in care of Bethel for the blind since he was two years old. Tragically, Rupert was recalled to his orphanage this past December. Bethel staff reported: “Rupert had been with us at Bethel since he was 2 years old and we are heartbroken to know our smiley boy is back in the orphanage. Rupert just lost all of the people he considered his family and he needs his forever mama now more than ever. Dancing and singing with Rupert is a special experience and we hope that his family will see this and he can soon be dancing with them.”

Rupert is blind (his file diagnosis is leukoma and no light perception), and Bethel staff believes that he is probably on the Autism Spectrum. Rupert is a fairly independent boy. He is able to feed himself, use the restroom, and communicate his needs. Rupert speaks in short sentences and knows many signs as well. Rupert’s teachers have figured out that he likes food as a reward, so he catches on quickly if he knows there is a treat waiting for him!

Rupert’s fine motor skills were also something Bethel staff had been working with him on, he could thread beads, open water bottles, and open and close doors. Rupert has excellent orientation and mobility skills. He could find his class by himself and got around a room well, even if he didn’t know the room well.

Rupert is said to be a joy to be around! He always has a handsome smile on his face. His favorite things to play with are cars. He is especially good at making the “vroom” noise. He loves music, dancing, snack time, spinning, playing in the therapy chair, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, being outside, listening to the radio, and playing in water. He will dance even when he’s in the water swimming.

Rupert also loves a good cuddle or tickle and when his caretaker rubs his back or head. Recently, Rupert had become quite fond of singing and could be heard singing regularly.

Someone who spent time with him said, “My favorite kid at Bethel! So so so smart, handsome, independent, brave, and loving!!” Rupert had improved so much while under the care of Bethel, we hope that Rupert’s forever family sees this and can get to him soon… the orphanage environment will likely cause him to regress.

You can see a recent video of Rupert here.

Rupert has an older child grant, up to $10,000, with Reece’s Rainbow as well as a $5,000 Bright Futures agency grant for his adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) and to families that are officially matched with a child.

Rupert needs a family with an approved home study to be able to move forward with adopting him. If you have an approved home study or a home study in process and are interested in adopting Rupert, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here.

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