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Kennedy is a beautiful and joyful little girl, born in September of 2012, who loves to wear dresses and skirts! One day after her foster mother bought her a new skirt, she stood in front of the mirror admiring herself and beamed happily when her foster mother said, “Kennedy is just like a fairy in the skirt!”

Kennedy is an active and outgoing girl, full of curiosity and a desire to explore. Kennedy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age. At 21 months, she began to learn to walk, taking shaky steps with support. By two years, she could crawl around very fast! Kennedy joined a foster family in December of 2013 and she’s made steady progress ever since. By four years old, Kennedy began walking on her own, though unsteady. She could also feed herself.

In June of 2016 she said “mama,” and though it wasn’t fully clear, it was a big step for her! She likes playing with toy drums and playing outside on the slide.

Kennedy’s foster family believes she will only continue to surprise everyone as she continues to grow and develop! Could your family be forever blessed and surprised by this joyful little girl?

A new video of Kennedy can be seen here.

Written update from March 2019:

Kennedy is studying in the senior class at a kindergarten in the orphanage. Her speech ability is not good. She can speak “Mama”, “Papa”, “Jiejie” etc, but not clearly. When she wants to drink water, she will take a cup and signal her foster mother to pour water for her. Though she cannot express herself clearly, she can understand what you say.

She can eat and put on socks on her own, though her hands are not very nimble. When she showers, she needs assistance with putting on her clothes and buttoning up. She also needs assistance when she brushes her teeth. She likes to use her left hand. When she climbs stairs, she will hold the handrails. Though her steps may not be steady, she doesn’t rely on a walker. She goes to the toilet in the day time on her own but puts a diaper on at night.

She likes to play with toys or watch cartoons with her older sisters and brothers. She cares about her image. Whether she goes out or is at home, she always likes to tie up her hair and put on a beautiful skirt. She likes outdoor activities, such as going to the park, supermarket, etc.

At school, she studies hard. She has learned numbers below 10 and she can say those numbers. Though not clearly, you can understand what she says. Her progress is a combination of her foster family, teachers, and her own hard work. She continues to make more and more improvements under good care. No illness within recent 3 months. No surgery recently.

Routine life:

On weekends, Kennedy gets up and washes her face at 7:30 a.m. She has breakfast at 8:00 am-9:00 am with milk, congee, noodles and dumplings. She goes shopping with her foster mother or plays with toys, paints, or watches TV at home. Lunch at 12pm-1:00 pm she eats rice, vegetables, meat, and soup. Nap time is between 1:30 pm-3:30pm. 3:30 pm-5:30 pm, she does some housework, such as folding clothes, hanging socks outside, or playing with other kids. Dinner is from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm. She eats similar food as listed above. She takes a walk or goes to the supermarket at 7:00 pm-9:00 pm and goes to bed at 9:00 pm.

On weekdays, Kennedy gets up at 7:30 am, goes to school at 8:00 am, eats breakfast & lunch and takes a nap at kindergarten. At 5 pm, she leaves kindergarten and goes home. Other activities are similar to those listed above.

Kennedy is outgoing and loves to laugh. She has a strong desire to explore and is full of curiosity about new things.

Updated Measurements:

Height: 113 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Head circ: 50 cm
Chest circ: 60 cm

Written update from October 2018 in her file:

Height: 112 cm
Weight: 17.6 kg
Chest’s circumference: 56 cm
Head’s circumference: 52 cm
Teeth number: 19
Feet length: 17 cm

She can go up and down stairs.
She has not had any surgeries or treatments. She hasn’t had a CT or surgeries.
She is studying at the kindergarten inside the orphanage.
She loves musical activities, such as rhythmic exercises.
She does make friends easily. She will not approach strangers initiatively. She only interacts with strangers when someone familiar introduces her to the stranger.
She lives at the simulated foster family inside the orphanage.

An older video – from when Kennedy was listed with another agency – is here.

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Kennedy’s adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) and to families that are officially matched with a child.

Kennedy needs a family with an approved home study to be able to hold her file or move forward with adopting her. If you have an approved home study or a home study in process and are interested in adopting Kennedy, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here.

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