A Cultural Exchange: Incorporating Chinese Culture Into Your Home

September 14, 2017 Brandie, Chinese Culture, orphan hosting, other ways to care for the orphan 1 Comments

“We are very fond of Chinese culture.” It was a statement I wrote sitting at a table in Nanjing, Jiangsu China on one of the many documents we signed in order to adopt our son in 2015. I promised to love him and protect him. I promised never to harm him or abuse him. And …Read More

We’re Not Special

January 5, 2016 complex heart defect, Family Stories, Heart System, HLHS, older child adoption, orphan hosting, single atrium heart disease, single ventricle heart disease, TGA 3 Comments

My husband, Bobby, and I are not special. We keep being told that we are. Ever since starting the adoption process, people keep telling us we are “special”. I don’t always know how to respond. I feel embarrassed and totally unworthy. We don’t belong on that pedestal. Have they seen our very un-special home and …Read More

‘Tis the Season for Hosting

December 25, 2015 Beyond Adoption, December 2015 Feature - Beyond Adoption, Kelly, Living Hope, orphan hosting, other ways to care for the orphan 0 Comments

We thought about it for a few minutes when we got the email from Living Hope about their new orphan hosting program. And, then we moved on. It was a neat thing; it would be great for the families who could do it. We weren’t one of them. We had a lot of reasons not …Read More

Life on Pause: Thoughts on Orphan Hosting

August 31, 2015 Down syndrome, orphan hosting 0 Comments

Pause. The best way I can describe the way my life feels right now is that it is on pause. On pause because I met my daughter, spent five beautiful weeks with her, and then promptly returned her to the airport just like I had guaranteed I would do. For me, the whole idea of …Read More

new summer hosting program

January 26, 2011 orphan hosting 0 Comments

From Cradle of Hope, some very exciting news about a brand new summer hosting program called “China Bridge of Hope”… Dear Friends,We are thrilled to announce that the CCAA has agreed to allow Chinese orphans to participate in our Bridge of Hope hosting program this summer! This will be the first time that Chinese children …Read More

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