Find My Family: Easton

May 15, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Easton is a handsome little boy, born in October of 2011. Easton is deaf and was also born with a congenital heart defect. He had surgery for his heart defect in October of 2015 and at his follow-up appointment, it was noted that he was recovering well. Easton’s gross and fine motor skills are on …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Oakley

May 14, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Oakley, born in October of 2013, is the cutest little boy. Reported to be very happy and smart, Oakley is in the wonderful care of China Little Flower. He has no intellectual or physical disabilities. Oakley likes cartoons, musical toys, singing, dancing, and being cuddled. He likes eating chicken and noodles, but doesn’t like sweets. …Read More

Darling Addie!

May 12, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Darling baby Addie just turned one year old! We hope that it is her only birthday that she spends alone and that next year she will be celebrating her birthday surrounded by a family of her own! Addie is listed with Agape Adoptions. Addie has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and nystagmus. Sweet Addie was …Read More

Fred Waits

May 10, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Fred, male, born in March of 2008, was admitted to the social welfare institute in March of 2008. His special need is post-operative congenital cleft lip and palate and post-operative congenital heart disease (ASD). Fred is listed with BAAS. Fred was placed into a foster family when he was first admitted into the social welfare …Read More

Waiting for You: Mia

May 8, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

This precious little girl is Mia and she is listed with BAAS! Mia was born in July 2014 and has Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease. Mia was found when she was a few weeks old and was in good health, she seldom gets sick, and she has a good appetite. She is deeply attached …Read More

Find My Family: Lainey

May 5, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Lainey is a beautiful and special little girl, born in August of 2012. She is thoughtful, talkative, and adored by her caretakers at Alenah’s Home. Lainey likes to listen to music, paint, and spend time with her friends. She has a beautiful smile that just warms your heart and a light about her that makes …Read More

Urgent Waiting Child: Zain

May 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 3 Comments

We’d like to introduce you to one of the most precious faces you will ever see! Sweet Zain is a 3-year-old boy who is waiting for his family to see him and shout, “There he is, there is our son!” As you can see, he needs to come home quickly… Who will race to him …Read More

Find My Family: Brennan

April 28, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Born in November of 2006 with mild bilateral clubfoot, Brennan is a handsome boy with a great smile. At the time Brennan’s file was prepared (September of 2016), he was in 3rd grade at a local public school. He showed a lot of growth in his studies, personality, life habits, and physical growth. He studies …Read More

Darcy Waits

April 26, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Determined Darcy, born in February of 2009, is described as joyful and optimistic. Darcy was a camper at an advocacy camp run by another agency in November of 2017, where she went by Whitby. Agency reps and Darcy’s camp partner said that she was a true delight, full of personality. She was ready to go, …Read More

Find My Family: Marianne

April 22, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Marianne is a beautiful little girl, born in February of 2011. In September of 2016, Marianne joined the Sapling Growth Care Project funded by Beijing Chunmiao Save the Children Foundation. She is currently living with a foster family through this organization and, at the time her file was prepared, was studying in their kindergarten class …Read More

Waiting Child: Butterfly Zoe

April 20, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet precious Zoe who is listed with Small World Adoptions! Zoe is a shy five year old little girl, her special need is listed as Epidermolysis Bullosa. Zoe is a beautiful little girl who needs a family to love her and help her get the medical care that she needs. She can speak in simple …Read More

Waiting for You: Georgie!

April 18, 2018 Children Who Wait 3 Comments

Georgie (Born July 2014) is a very talkative little man! He studies carefully and can recognize and name dozens of animals, transportation tools, and musical instruments. He also knows the parts of the body and several colors. Caregivers say he is a smart boy, and a good little helper. Georgie is listed with WACAP! Georgie …Read More

Meet Francis!

April 16, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Francis is a handsome little boy, born in October of 2011, who is described as all smiles and easygoing. Francis joined a foster family in June of 2014 and he has done very well under their care. He is a talkative little boy who can answer questions well. He knows how to count, sort objects …Read More

Find My Family: Dayton

April 13, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Dayton is a dashing little boy, born in March of 2014, who is described by his caretakers as smart, talkative, smiley, and adorable! Dayton can stand up, sit down, and walk in his crib by holding onto the crib railings. Dayton loves playing toy cars and piling blocks up high. He can turn the pages …Read More

Meet Elinor: The Little Helper

April 12, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Sweet Elinor, born in April of 2014 with Down syndrome and esotropia, enjoys caring for the younger babies by folding towels and by taking their bottles to the sink, one by one. She will also take a tissue and wipe their mouths, all on her own initiative. Elinor’s caretakers say she is cheerful, active, curious, …Read More

Dimples for Days!

April 10, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Gwen is an adorable and enthusiastic little girl, born in May of 2012. And when she smiles, she has the cutest dimples ever! Gwen gets along well with other children and plays well with them too. She shares her food and toys with her friends. She likes to play with blocks and balls and she …Read More

Waiting for You: Nelson

April 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Nelson has a heart-breaking beginning to his story. He was found in 2011 at the age 2, along with his baby brother. There was a note with them. Nelson and his baby brother both struggled when they came into care- their hearts were broken at all they had lost. Both boys cried all the time, …Read More

Waiting for You: Vance

March 30, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Vance is a beautiful boy with a gorgeous smile, born in July of 2016. He was diagnosed as having inversion of both hands, inversion of both feet, congenital subluxation of left hip joint, and growth development delay. Vance can sit and roll over independently. He actually started rolling to get what he wants instead of …Read More

Find My Family: Joaquin

March 29, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Joaquin is a cutie pie who was born in August of 2016 with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, ASD, that appears to have closed on its own. Joaquin is said to always have a smile on his face ad laughs out loud when teased. Joaquin loves when his caregivers lovingly touch him or …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Dax

March 26, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Dax is a precious little boy, born in August of 2016 and diagnosed with hypospadias and developmental delays. He was sitting independently at 10 months of age, began to stand while holding onto something at 11 months of age and, at one year, was starting to take steps while holding onto rails for support. Dax …Read More

Auden: A Living Miracle

March 22, 2018 Children Who Wait, LWB 0 Comments

In September of 2015, while on an advocacy trip to China, I met a tiny baby boy with Down syndrome. I had seen children on tv who looked like this child, but I had really never seen or held a child who was literally on death’s doorstep. His situation was very grave due to a …Read More

Teddy Waits!

March 20, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet Teddy who is listed with WACAP! Teddy is a more introverted child, but he gets along well with others. He has a best friend and together they build with blocks, paint, and listen to stories. They also race down the little hill on tricycles together, and can do it over and over and still …Read More

Meet Stephanie!

March 8, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

This sweet girl with the infectious smile is Stephanie! Stephanie was born in February of 2005 and will be aging out in 2019. Her caregivers are very fond of her and describe her as a hardworking child who has a good sense of humor. This is Stephanie’s last year to find a family before she …Read More

Find My Family: Jannah

February 28, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Jannah is a beautiful two year old girl with Down syndrome – she has no other known medical issues. Jannah is an active little girl and is described as being fond of having fun, easy to make laugh and often laughs out loud. Jannah is close with her caregiver and enjoys interacting with her. She …Read More

Teddy Waits!

February 26, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Teddy was born in August of 2016, was admitted into the Welfare Institute in September of 2016. His special need is postoperative repair of congenital lumbar spinal meningocele. Teddy is currently with BAAS. On admission: white skin, black and bright eyes; good nutrition and development; poor spirit; after admission, the nanny gave him considerate care; …Read More

Felicity Waits

February 24, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Felicity was born February 2011, and is diagnosed with Down syndrome, as well as a heart murmur. April 2016 Information: Felicity is able to walk and run well. Her speech is not always clear, but staff heard her say “mama” very clearly. Caregivers say it seems like she tries to put 2-3 words together, but …Read More

Waiting Child: Sharon

February 22, 2018 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

Seven year old Sharon has had a sad start to her life but we are hoping to find her the happy ending of a family of her own. She is a Special Focus (SF) child on Agape Adoptions’ individual list and is living in an orphanage. Sharon has been diagnosed with disabled bilateral lower limbs …Read More

Meet Jagger!

February 16, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Jagger! We’d like to introduce this handsome 7-year-old boy to you! Jagger is sometimes introverted and reserved around strangers and enjoys playing with toys and his favorite includes watching TV. He has a good appetite but can be picky about food. He loves KFC, roasted chicken wings, buns stuffed with meat, and chocolate – but …Read More

Waiting for You: Paige

February 10, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Paige is a bright and expressive 11-year-old girl who longs for a family of her own. She is listed with Holt International. Holt vice president Jian Chen has made many visits to the Red Thread Group Home in China. But each visit breaks her heart a little — especially because of one beautiful girl who …Read More

Luke Waits

February 6, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet nine year old Luke! He has been waiting for a family for years now. Luke is a charming boy who has a close relationship with his caregivers and is known around the orphanage for his helpfulness. He is attentive when the little ones cry and runs errands for his caregivers when they need an …Read More

Waiting for You: Calista

February 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

Calista is a precious baby girl, born in March of 2015, with down syndrome and a heart defect (ASD), which has been surgically corrected. Calista is listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Calista’s nanny works with her to help her with her development. Calista is sweet and huggable. She loves music and her nanny! She will …Read More

Waiting for You: Poppy

February 2, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Poppy is a precious 7 year old girl who is just beautiful!! Poppy’s special needs are listed as: congenital heart disease: postoperative ascending aorta-pulmonary artery shunt Congenital heart disease: hypoplastic right heart, tricuspid atresia, patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect, R-L shunt. Poppy is listed with Small World Adoption. Below is a recent photo after …Read More

Waiting Child: Angelina

January 30, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Just look at Angelina’s bright and beautiful eyes! Angelina was born in June 2011 and is now 6 years old. She needs a special family to help her reach her greatest potential! Angelina was found when she was between 2-3 months old. After an unsuccessful search to find her parents, she was placed with a …Read More

Nolan Waits for a Family

January 26, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

There is something special about 3 year old Nolan that captured our heart and drew us in! Nolan is diagnosed with deformity of four limbs, but that doesn’t stop him from playing and having fun! At the time that Nolan’s report was written, he was described as quiet with a ready smile. At 3-5 months, …Read More

Waiting for You: Hanna

January 22, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Hanna, female, born in November of 2014 was admitted into the CWI when she was one day old. Her special needs are epilepsy, delayed intelligence development and cross-eye. In order to help Hanna’s motor skill development, the children’s institute drew a plan to provide physical therapy for Hanna in July of 2015. In February of …Read More

Waiting for You: Jacob

January 18, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Three year old Jacob is the sweetest boy. He is listed as a Special Focus child with Agape Adoptions. He has been diagnosed with postoperative spina bifida, flaccid paralysis of both lower limbs and malformed both ankles. In his last update his agency was told that Jacob could sit up, roll over, crawl and had …Read More

Helena Waits for a Family

January 16, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

This beautiful little girl is Helena, is 7 years old and is listed with Holt International! Helena has spina bifida, including sacrococcygeal meningocele and tethered cord. She is an active girl who can walk, stand on one foot, skip, and catch a ball. She can draw a person, tie her shoes and pick up a …Read More

Waiting for You: Fia

January 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Beautiful Fia is waiting for her family to find her. She is now 2 years old, but her report was written when she was only 18 mo old. Her agency (CHI) has asked for an update. Fia was found when she was 10 months old. In her report as an 18 month old, Fia enjoyed …Read More

Waiting for You: Applebee

January 2, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Applebee just turned 1 year old and waiting for a family. Born 9/2016, Applebee is postoperative for congenital anal atresia. His file states hearing loss of both ears; and left ankylotia (Stricture or imperforation of the external auditory meatus of the ear.) He is a Children’s House International Partnership file, with a Special Focus designation. …Read More

Waiting for You: Ajay

December 30, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Ajay is four years old and is a fabulous little guy listed with CHI! He is described as a caring and compassionate child who is kind to and concerned about other children. “Likes playing with other children, can share with others. He cares about other children, can hug other children, can comfort other crying children, …Read More

Waiting for You: Duncan

December 10, 2017 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

“I love observing others in a big group of people and seeing others happy makes me happy. I am an easy kid who doesn’t need much to be entertained. I just like holding hands and feeling close to people. I’m a total lover, not a fighter! I always listen to what my nannies ask of …Read More

Waiting for You: Zander

December 8, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

This curly headed little guy is an adorable one year old who waits for a family to make him their son! Zander’s special needs are listed as: postoperative hydrocephalus, intractable epilepsy and West syndrome. He needs a family to look past his long list of needs and see the potential and bright future this little …Read More

Waiting for You: Magellan

December 6, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Magellan was born January of 2009 and is waiting for a family to choose him as their son. His special needs are listed as: Imperforate Anus and a disability of the right lower limb. His sweet smile will surely brighten your day! Have you ever seen sweeter dimples?! Magellan is a charming, talkative boy who …Read More

Waiting for You: Waverly

November 30, 2017 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

Sweet Waverly is a nine year old girly girl! She is listed as Special Focus with Agape Adoptions. Waverly was found abandoned outside the orphanage with an amputated leg when she was four years old. Despite a heartbreaking beginning, this little girl has persevered and is thriving. Now she uses a prosthetic, and though it …Read More

Waiting for You: Eva

November 28, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Prepare to fall in love with Eva, a 5-year-old girl with a beautiful smile who is described as sunny, happy, brave, and strong. Eva likes watching cartoons and listening to music and loves to dance. Eva enjoys playing outside with the neighborhood kids. She has been living with a foster family since July of 2013 …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Michael

November 26, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Michael is an absolutely adorable three-year-old boy! His cognitive development is said to be normal and he is progressing developmentally as well. Michael was able to scoot on his belly to get where he wanted to be when he was a baby and, as of the latest report, he was walking while holding onto things. …Read More

Waiting Child Highlight: Elena

November 24, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet Elena, a ray of sunshine! Elena was born in 2005 and is described as an active girl who is headstrong. Though she is sometimes quiet, she enjoys talking and spending time with other kids. She’s sensible and loves for things to be clean; before she leaves a room she will tidy things up on …Read More

Find My Family: Jacob

November 20, 2017 Children Who Wait 2 Comments

Jacob is a handsome boy who recently turned seven years old, but just had his file prepared for adoption this year. He likely would have matched immediately had his file not listed the wording it does in the diagnosis section. But as you read through his file, you begin to notice a trend of improvement …Read More

Waiting to Be Chosen: Savannah

November 8, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

This sweet smile belongs to Savannah. Savannah was found abandoned in December of 2014. At that time, she was estimated to be 6 years old. She was slightly developmentally delayed (physically) at that time. She was placed in a foster home shortly after arriving at the orphanage. She has done rather well there and has …Read More

Waiting for My Family: Leo

October 18, 2017 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

This sweet little guy is Leo, and he is almost two years old. Leo was a tiny little guy when he was found and was diagnosed with a urological problem (usually requiring surgery). He waits for a family to choose him as his own. Leo is doing very well and has normal muscular strength and …Read More

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