Waiting to be Chosen: Nani

March 30, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 6 Comments

It took waaaay too long, but adorable Nani’s file is finally complete. She is ready for her family to find her and bring her home! Nani is 5 years old and designated to Children’s House International. Nani is talkative and likes to listen to music. She loves to sing! She likes to play games with …Read More

Joshua Waits

March 28, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 2 Comments

Joshua is a precious 5 year old who is waiting for a family of his very own. Joshua has round head and face, ready to smile and clever. He is active, restless and extroverted. At the age of 1year, he can not speak much, can express his happy and angry with smiling and crying, can …Read More

Waiting for a Family: Wallace

March 20, 2017 Children Who Wait, Liberty 0 Comments

Three-year-old Wallace couldn’t be cuter! He started rehabilitation training shortly after being found as an approximately one-month-old baby. Wallace loves to share and play with other children. He is shy around strangers, but opens up once comfortable. Wallace loves to be praised and enjoys spending time with familiar people. His file diagnoses him as having …Read More

Waiting Child: Seraphina

March 18, 2017 Children Who Wait, Liberty 0 Comments

It’s easy to see how this little cherub got her advocacy name- the face of an angel. Adorable Seraphina recently turned four! At the time her file was prepared (fall 2014), she had good use of her limbs and was able to sit on her own and walk with support. She wasn’t able to speak. …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Mary Beth

March 16, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 0 Comments

Sweet Mary Beth recently turned 7 years old – such a fun age, yet Mary Beth has experienced such loss in her young life. Mary Beth spent her first five years with her parents, turning up at an orphanage in December of 2014. It is unknown whether her gender or her special needs caused her …Read More

Meet the Contributors: Liberty

March 16, 2017 Contributor Q and A, Liberty, Meet the Contributors 0 Comments

Continuing today with our series in which we share a short Q and A with one of our contributors to give y’all, our faithful readers, a little more behind-the-scenes insight into the amazing group of writers assembled here. And it will also give each of our contributors a chance to share their heart in a …Read More

Waiting for You: Cassie

March 14, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 4 Comments

2 1/2 year old Cassie is a precious little girl who is listed with Wide Horizons For children’s Individual List. Cassie is described as a social and outgoing little girl who loves music, dancing, and playing with her peers. She always has a big smile for her friends. Cassie was born with Down Syndrome and …Read More

Find My Family: Trent

May 10, 2016 Children Who Wait, Liberty 0 Comments

Trent is a gorgeous little boy waiting for his forever family to see him! Trent is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates. He is three years old and is diagnosed with ankle joint contracture of both knees; reduced muscular tension. His file states that after admission, he was given symptomatic and supportive treatment and received …Read More

Find My Family: Duo

May 4, 2016 Family Found, Liberty 0 Comments

Duo is 11, and now listed as Cody with Holt! He has a prosthetic leg and scoliosis. Duo came into care when he was a baby; he has scoliosis and his left leg was amputated and he wears a prosthetic leg. He walks freely, although he may have some pain if he walks for a …Read More

Urgent Aging Out Child: Rebekah

April 30, 2016 Family Found, Liberty 0 Comments

Rebekah is 13 years old and will age out of the adoption system on her 14th birthday in November. Rebekah is an HIV carrier and lives in a group home setting with other children who have also tested positive for HIV. She was with her birth family and cared for by the community until she …Read More

what we’re reading: 4.4.16

April 4, 2016 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

We are welcoming in April with this great compilation of blog posts, news articles, and links to traveling families. So much good stuff has been happening the last few months. So get a comfy spot, and get to clicking. As always, we are grateful for your contributions for future posts. Simply fill out the forms …Read More

what we’re reading: 1.2.16

January 2, 2016 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

Happy, happy New Year to all of our No Hands But Ours readers! Your gift from us is this compilation of amazing articles, inspiring blog posts, and traveling families for you to peruse. As always, our hope is that you enjoy reading through these posts. And that perhaps you would add something to do with …Read More

Beyond Adoption: The Advocate

December 20, 2015 Advocacy, Beyond Adoption, December 2015 Feature - Beyond Adoption, Liberty, other ways to care for the orphan 1 Comments

Advocate is a powerful word. It carries so much meaning in its 8 little letters. Merriam-Webster’s definition: 1. one that pleads the cause of another 2. one that defends or maintains a cause 3. one that supports or promotes the interests of another This definition sure sounds mighty familiar. It seems as if Mr. Webster might …Read More

what we’re reading: 9.2.15

September 2, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

Hello end of summer, to celebrate we have some great links for you to peruse today! To share a blog post or news article go here. To share your blog with our readers, as a soon-to-be traveling family, go here. Andrea looks back on what she has Learned Over the Past Two Years. She shares …Read More

what we’re reading: 8.2.15

August 2, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

Hello August, hello new family travel blogs (my favorite!), and hello news articles and posts of interest! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s compilation, keep the links coming! To share a blog post or news article go here. To share your blog with our readers, as a soon-to-be traveling family, go here. …Read More

what we’re reading: 7.2.15

July 2, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 1 Comments

It is our pleasure to bring you another episode of What We’re Reading. We have a long list of traveling family blogs to share with you. These people are becoming lovingly acquainted with the heat of summer in Guangzhou and other regions of China, Lord bless them all! Thank you to everyone who shared their …Read More

what we’re reading: 6.2.15

June 2, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

You guys, so many families traveling for their little ones to share with you! Grab a comfy spot in the shade, get yourself a nice cool drink, turn on the sprinklers for the kids, and don’t forget your box of tissues before you start going through this episode of “What We’re Reading.” So much joy …Read More

what we’re reading: 5.14.15

May 14, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

We are going to try to keep the ball rolling on these What We’re Reading posts but we definitely need your help. If you have read or written something you think would be a good addition to a future post, we would appreciate you sharing it with us: To share a blog post or news …Read More

what we’re reading: 5.2.15

May 2, 2015 Liberty, What We're Reading 0 Comments

So….is it possible it has been six months since our last “What We’re Reading links” post? Sorry about that. We’ve been hopping in these parts with some amazing series and posts, but regardless we have some articles and traveling families to share with you today. As always, if you’ve read or written something you think …Read More

four families found

March 24, 2015 Family Found, fundraisers, Liberty 0 Comments

Advocating for Children Who Wait is an important part of what we do here on No Hands But Ours. We celebrate with great joy every time we learn that there is a Family Found for one of these children. Today we would like to share four children who were highlighted on NHBO who now have …Read More

Disruption: the facts

March 3, 2015 disruption, Liberty, March 2015 Feature - Disruption 2 Comments

The beginning of March marks the start of a series where we will be discussing disruption and dissolution in adoption. We are treading prayerfully and lightly into this realm of the adoption world that is so often avoided. It is hard to talk about. It is complicated. And it is most definitely life altering to …Read More

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