The Word that Shattered my White-Picket-Fence World

July 5, 2018 achondroplasia, adopting again, Developmental System, dwarfism, Family Stories, June 2018 Feature - Orthopedic 6 Comments

“We believe your baby has something called Achondroplasia.” “Achondro what?” my husband asked. I was six months pregnant at the time with our second child. Achondroplasia – it’s a word that changed our lives forever. I knew what that word was. It was a word that meant my son wouldn’t be the captain of the …Read More

On Adopting a Child with Dwarfism

June 3, 2015 achondroplasia, dwarfism, June 2015 Feature - Orthopedic, Orthopedic 6 Comments

June is here, along with a new special need spotlight. Last month we featured posts on Vascular System special needs. This month we are focusing on the Orthopedic System.   ……. We often get asked what adopting a child with dwarfism entails. First and foremost – you have to know China did not think children …Read More

Never Say Never Again

May 29, 2014 dwarfism, heart defect, large families 4 Comments

My husband, Joe, and I never set out to be parents of this many kids. If there can be such a thing as accidental adoptions, we have experienced them. Now though, our adoptions are no longer accidental. This is the way we have chosen to live. The path that led us to this decision, at …Read More

special need highlight: focus on dwarfism

December 18, 2013 achondroplasia, dwarfism, Family Stories, Orthopedic 2 Comments

After adding 2 beautiful girls from China and 2 incredible boys from Ethiopia to our already full and active family of three biological kiddos. We thought for sure we were done adding to our family. We felt God leading us to care for the orphans in other ways – advocating for waiting children, meeting with …Read More

one year with my sweet Vivi Kate

January 3, 2011 dwarfism, Stefanie 0 Comments

Vivienne officially joined our family on January 11, 2010. That was a glorious day for our family: we were gaining a precious daughter. It was a tragic day for her: she lost everything she knew. A month later, I shared more about the reality of that day. By early spring we were both emerging from …Read More

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