Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Congratulations! If you are just starting the adoption journey, the options, processes, and sheer amount of information may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret. The resources on this page have been collected with you in mind – to help you learn more about adoption and find answers to your questions.

While our focus at No Hands But Ours is on adoption from China through the special needs program, many of the books, articles, and websites listed here will be helpful to any potential adoptive family – whether foreign or domestic, with our without special needs.  

What steps should beginners take?


  • Read, read and read. The learning curve in adoption can be steep. By gleaning wisdom those who have gone before you on this journey, you will be more prepared, informed and equipped for your own adoption adventure.


  • Talk to other adoptive parents. Try making connections with parents who have already adopted, and ideally adopted a child with similar needs to the child you are hoping to adopt. Visit our Connect Virtually for links to a plethora of adoption-related FB groups.


  • Take an honest inventory. Each family is unique. When making decisions about how to grow your family through adoption, there are many things to consider. Income, commitments (inside and outside of the home), health insurance, number of children, and proximity to medical care (should your child’s special needs require it) are all things that should be honestly evaluated and considered.


  • Pray. Adoption is God’s idea and if He has lead you to consider adoption you are wise to root every step of your journey in prayer and His Word. Much faith is required to adopt a child you’ve never met, commit to keep your eyes on Him.

Explore the book, blog, and website areas below to get started on your journey. You can also learn more about how to get involved with No Hands But Ours or contact us with this easy online form.

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