Waiting for You: Leland

June 12, 2019 0 Comments

Leland is a handsome little boy, born October 2011. Leland’s caretakers describe him as beautiful, smart, and adorable. They say that everyone likes him and that he is a great communicator, very fluent with his language abilities.

Leland can quickly grasp the content taught by the teacher in class, but gets nervous easily as he is very serious about his studies. He can count numbers and can do simple hand-craft and painting projects. He is a good eater and sleeper.

Leland has been through a lot without a family by his side. When he was three, he kept complaining that his inguinal tumors/cysts were hurting. He was taken to multiple hospitals and found that they were pushing against his bladder and he could not urinate. Leland was diagnosed as having congenital yolk sac tumor. He underwent many procedures and was given chemotherapy between February 2015 and December 2015. He enjoyed talking to the doctors and the nurses and was cheerful, despite all he had gone through. All of the nurses and doctors loved him.

Leland can sense when he needs to use the toilet most of the time and uses the rail to hold on while going. Sometimes he does not make it in time, so he wears diapers just in case. Leland is diagnosed as being paraplegic as well, but he does walk with assistance. Leland goes to the rehabilitation room daily to practice walking with a walker. He has weakness in his legs and his knees and ankles do not bend normally.

Leland had a hard time adjusting after leaving the hospital and going into the orphanage since he didn’t come into the care of the orphanage until right before he was hospitalized. He has since adjusted to life there. The staff say that he is very smart and is a fast learner. He gets along with his peers and enjoys playing with them. He will smile at acquaintances and be very polite. He is serious when meeting strangers, but warms up to new people quickly.

Leland is a wonderful little boy who has been through a lot. It is our hope that his forever family sees this treasure and brings him home soon!

LOTS of update videos of Leland, click on the links below to watch:

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Leland’s adoption with MAA. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) and to families that already matched with a child.

If you are interested in reviewing Leland’s file or in adopting Leland, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here.

“He’s Our Son!”

June 7, 2019 1 Comments

We recently had a chance to chat with Amy who is in process to bring home a little boy with a vision impairment. Read along and consider joining the adventure in helping to bring this little one home to his forever family!

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1. Tell us a little about your family.

My husband, Dillon and I have been married for 11 years. We met while attending college in Murfreesboro, TN. We have a mutual love of music and arts and have loved building our life together. We are both the kind to have our hands in several pots! Besides writing and performing music, Dillon works as a coffee educator and I work from home as a virtual assistant.

2. How did adoption become part of your family’s story?

After college, we moved back to Nashville where I am from and have watched as the city has exploded in growth. We have two adorable miniature schnauzers and an old house cat. We love to spend our spare time bike riding and visiting other coffee shops. Our lives are full, and yet, we have felt for a while that there was someone missing. We have wanted to grow our family for some time and we were not quite sure what that was going to look like.

There came a time in December of 2017 where I had been reading someone’s adoption journey online. I started to feel the call like many others have felt when it comes to contemplating adoption. I wasn’t quite sure where to start or if my husband would be on board. But much to my delight, when I asked him about considering adoption, he was immediately on board.

3. Have you been matched with a child?

We started working with our agency in September of 2018. A few short months later, we saw our son’s face for the first time. He was being advocated for by Bethel China and jumped out immediately and grabbed our hearts.

He is an absolutely beautiful boy who has just turned 3 years old with such a bright smile and spirit. He has a visual impairment though, it does not seem to slow him down. He loves to run all over the play room at Bethel and play with his toys. He is doing wonderful there and in the care of his foster family. There were many other families who inquired about him and we were so scared that he would be matched before we could move forward.

Once our home study was complete, we asked about him and to our surprise and joy, he had not been matched. I remember thinking, “He’s our son, he’s supposed to be our son!” You know him as “Liam”, we plan to name him Harrison Tyler-Cai.

4. How are you fundraising to bring your little one home?

We have fundraised since day one. We launched a gofundme the same month we started with our agency, we hosted a trivia night, planned a Valentine’s Day themed concert, sold whole bean coffee online featuring our story and we have trimmed budgets and saved wherever possible.

We have recently applied for about 13 grants and are just simply waiting to hear if we will receive any. We have been able to pay for all of our fees and expenses up until recently and it seems our fundraising has hit a bit of a lull. We would so appreciate any help in getting Harrison home.

We have a new crowdfunding site that was organized by Connected Hearts Ministry making all donations tax deductible. We cannot wait to meet our little boy and bring him home. We think about him every day and just pray for his well being until we can all be together. Please help us become a family of three! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Aging Out Child: Hudson

June 2, 2019 0 Comments

Hudson is a great kid who is all boy. Born in October of 2006, his special need is HIV (read more about parenting a child with HIV here).

He spent about two years in the local orphanage, where he was taken care of by a blind couple who worked at the orphanage before being moved to a group home with other children who also have HIV.

Hudson is described as an active and talkative boy who likes to play games with his peers. He is sometimes impatient, but gets along well with other children and communicates easily with adults. He is close to three specific staff members at the group home.

Though it’s not his favorite thing to do, Hudson does attend school where he is in 4th grade and his academic performance is average. His gross and fine motor skills are all normal – he can run, jump on one foot, catch a ball, and use chop sticks. Hudson enjoys playing with toys, listening to music, and playing video games.

He is said to have a passion for computers and video games. The staff members say that if he is given the right supports and a chance, he could have a good chance to make big achievements in this field. Hudson is also a nature lover and enjoys being outdoors. He is very observant. Hudson is a little afraid of water and heights.

Hudson’s care center hopes he can find a loving family who will love him for who he is, help him with his education, encourage him to pursue his passion, and give him the attention that only a forever family can.

Hudson is getting closer and closer to aging out and we just can’t let that happen!

There is a $3,000 agency grant for Hudson’s adoption with MAA. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) and to families that already matched with a child. Hudson also has a Reece’s Rainbow account here.

Hudson needs a family with an approved home study to be able to move forward with adopting him. If you have an approved home study or a home study in process and are interested in adopting Hudson, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here.

Meet Miles!

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Find My Family: Minnie

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Find My Family: Shaw

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Bladder Exstrophy: Calming Your Fears

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