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Molly, born at the beginning of August of 2007, is an active, beautiful little girl who gets along well with others. She came into care at the age of 5, and was found to be a normal, healthy little girl who was developmentally on target. She adapted to the orphanage life quickly. She was tested after being at the orphanage a few months, and they said she had “clear pronunciation, fluent, restless, no abnormal action, flexible hands and feet, understand general objects and use of some objects, poor initiative action.” She can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is, and is a delightful little girl.


Though she has some delays, at the beginning of 2014 she could read picture books, sing simple children’s songs and ccould express her needs. She likes to attend school and she knows the names of the children in her classroom. She can walk, run and jump freely, go up and down stairs, dress and undress herself and often helps other children. She is a happy child who likes playing games. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption if they chose to use WACAP to adopt her. Please contact a waiting child case manager at for more information. However please note that she is on the SHARED LIST at this time and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any adoption agency. Her special need is listed as “Intelligence Disability” which, sadly, is likely the reason she has waited so long for a family.


She attends school and lives at a fantastic foster home where she is known as Molly. She loves to play games, loves to go to school, and is a very happy little girl. An American speech therapist at the foster home reports: “She is still a bit delayed on verbalizing and communicating. She sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t. Intensive speech therapy will be very beneficial for her. Her biggest deficit right now is still slightly delayed in fine motor skills and her main focus had been verbalizing.” Molly needs a family open to unknowns and willing to help her overcome her delays. Therapy and a mama will surely do wonders for this special girl!



Contact the Advocacy Team for more information on beginning the adoption journey.


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    We would like more information on how to pursue adopting this beautiful sweet child.

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