Preparing for Surgery …

January 10, 2010 Gwen 2 Comments

I know many of us with Special Angels will be spending a lot of time in the hospital, at doctor’s appt, in therapy, and many other places to help our children grow, heal, and get the very best they need to enjoy a happy healthy life … So my encouragement to you is to accept help … I learned very quickly that upon Maggie’s arrival home there would be time that I simply could not get everything done … I could not be every where at one time … I just couldn’t get all done in a day what needed to be done … It is very humbling to accept help … As women we like to think we can take care of all the needs of our family and that gives us a since of pride and purpose … I am here to encourage you that when others call and ask you if you need anything from store, can they bring you a meal, fold your laundry, or pick up the kids for you that you let them !!! Allow them to be a part of your journey … Let them get a glimpse of what your life looks like with your sweet blessing of a child …

I will never forget the woman that came to my home a month after Maggie was home from China … I honestly can not remember her name … She was from our church and I was in a complete fog … I was sleep deprived, still trying to figure out Maggie’s needs, cries, and just simply trying to stay above water … The woman knocked on my door and said, “Hello, I know we don’t know each other well, but I am here to fold your laundry.”  I could have cried … There was lots of laundry and it was in that moment that God showed me what the function of THE BODY OF CHRIST could be to us during this time …

SO SAY YES, when someone calls and allow them to answer God’s calling on their life to walk with you on this journey … It does not make you any less of a woman or mother … It is actually you showing your children how to give and show love to others …

Prayers please for Maggie as her next surgery is scheduled for Jan. 13th…

I have something very serious I am working on for my next moth’s post … It is something that has been ripping at my heart lately and I just don’t have the graceful words yet to write it … I am praying God will show me how to explain it and hopefully help open some eyes and change some perceptions …

Blessings All

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  1. Kim says:

    I am so glad to have the date. Wouldn't you know that 13 is Matthew's favorite number? He's got Maggie covered in prayer!
    Love ya Gwen,

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is so true! I had a very wise friend once tell me that by not allowing anyone else to help us out in our time of need, we were keeping a blessing from them! I know that I certainly receive a blessing anytime I lend a hand to someone in need.
    Having gone through a major suregery this past August with our youngest, I will be sure to lift up extra prayers for your Maggie on the 13th!

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