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May 20, 2011 What We're Reading 0 Comments

Whatever Wednesday’s links were delayed this week. I’ll be taking them on until Stefanie and TongguMomma are ready to regroup. Please send any useful, brilliant or thought-provoking posts you write or see to me at KJ@raisingdevils.com.

I’ve been reading Laura Catoe’s blog of late, and if you’re considering albinism as a special need, her posts on eyesight are must read. She says:

We came home in December with our 4-year-old. She has albinism and has been having her first visits with an ophthalmologist and low vision specialist.

This stellar mom is an adoptive parent (but not from China), and she blogged about what she learned attending the first annual conference of the Attachment Association of Canada. We can get all the scoop without any need for a passport. Which, of course, we all have anyway.

If you’ve given any thought at all to whether you might be able to be a family for one of the many young teens about to age out of the process in China, you need to visit Vickie’s blog–her family went to China for one young teen and came back, ultimately, with three. Her stories of their adjustment are gloriously unvarnished (and if you don’t know her, and you’re in need of a good miracle story to brighten your day, theirs is sure-fire.)

On a totally different topic, anyone with a WordPress blog who loves sharing comments might want to check out Cheryl’s post on helping visitors to your site follow other commenters. I’m a little tech-y, and I enabled her ideas immediately.

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