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December 15, 2011 What We're Reading 0 Comments

Nicole, from the Chryst Family blog, shares about ‘Saying Yes‘ to adopt daughter Brooklyn six months ago. She also details much that has transpired since: traveling to China, a cleft-lip surgery, and falling madly in love with their little girl.

Jaime, from Hope Written, chronicles her daughter Elisyn’s journey since arriving home with a severe heart defect. It’s been over 50 days since Elisyn’s open-heart surgery and it continues to be a very difficult road. Please take a moment to visit Jaime’s blog and offer a word of encouragement!

Kelly, who blogs at I Overthink Everything, shares about the struggles of choosing the healthiest way to discipline her adopted daughter, and that disciplining a biological child is very different from disciplining a child with a history of abandonment.

Friend and advocate Annie, who blogs at Cornbread and Chopsticks, retells the story of Xiaoyun, a little one with scoliosis that Annie advocated for on her site as she was very close to aging out. Well, Xiaoyun is now home and you positively must listen to her share her story in her own incredibly special words.

Our own Kam, who very recently lost her son Seth to his severe heart defect as he waited in China, shares about the sorrow of losing her son, one month later.

Danielle, who blogs at Westhaven Kids, chronicles the medical journey for her son, Asher, who has bilateral upper limb differences. Asher also suffered from undisclosed developmental delays, but has made rapid gains in a very short time. Way to go, Asher!

And lastly, if you’re like all of us around here, you’ll want to take a few moments (or hours!) and travel vicariously with these folks currently in China to bring home their kids.

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