March 10, 2012 Gwen 4 Comments

There is one thing I have noticed about my growth as a person and a mother through parenting UNIQUELY made children and that is my heart sees things more clearly … There is a filter gone when I view others and I can sense a need or see an ache or an unexplainable joy … It helps me remove the clutter and expectations of the world and just try my VERY BEST to give love the way God intended us to.

You see last Monday (only like 10 days ago) I had no idea that God would ask me to love and help parent a teenage boy/young adult … It was never on my radar, it wasn’t in my prayer requests, and it is definitely something my filter would not have let through 4 years ago … I simply went to help a friend (who had ministered to this family) help this junior in high school switch schools (long story there)… As we drove and I began looking into his sweet eyes as he talked I heard the holy spirit nudge me … He told me this young man was at crossroads in his life and he just needed someone in his corner … I acted immediately NO FILTER, NO CLUTTER, NO STALLING … I have seen some real pain as I have parented my SN angels … I have also seen amazing miracles that comes from loving and healing them … I knew that even though K wasn’t SN he was in need of a safe place and stability … He needed the kind of LOVE AND SUPPORT we could give, so we jumped off another cliff and what a ride it has been the last 10 days …

So when people tell you they couldn’t do what you do, or how amazing you are, etc … Just know that it is God that has removed those blinders and filters … He is asking you and allowing you to see a small glimpse of a special kind of love and you can take your new EYES and use it in all areas of your life …

Gwen – Oatsvall Team

4 responses to “Life CHANGES”

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Amazingly well put! I am so happy that your new son has such a supportive family in his corner. God is pretty amazing!!

  2. Kam says:

    As the wife of a youth pastor for the last 13 years…I LOVE this!

  3. Aus says:

    Ain’t it cool when God sends you a message that clearly? thanks for listening!

  4. Amy Murphy says:

    Good luck. That’s great that you’ve followed God’s call here. Praying everything will go smoothly. Almost a year and a half ago, we took in a 16 yr. old girl, and even though she’s a good kid, it has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! You’ll need lots of support from family and friends. Parenting a child who is almost grown and has grown up completely different from how you would have parented them is extremely difficult no matter how you wrap it. And you may not see the blessings from following God in this until many years later; you may even wish you had never accepted this call. But just live in the moment and know that some day, it will be worth it.

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